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These are the stats from postings done under the Windsurfing New Zealand account on NZLive. You can register yourself or contact us to get it listed for you. NZLive coverage extends beyond the hard core windsurfing community.

Your views for the month of March are...

       Canterbury Windsports Kitesurfing Competition events: 150

       2009 National Slalom Competition: 75

       The Olymic RSX, Formula and Bic Techno National Windsurfing Championships: 72

       The Wild Winds Freestyle Windsurfing Nationals: 69

       WWA Harbour Blast: 61

       WWA Eastbourne Fundays: 34

       Carbon Art Rodgers Dental New Zealand Wave Nationals: 32

Other information...

Cumulative views of your events: 4196

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