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Windsurfing death to remain a mystery.
The tragic death of avid sportswoman Jude Green while windsurfing on Lake Wakatipu would remain a mystery, coroner David Crerar said yesterday. Ms Green's body was found alongside her windsurfer on the beach at Homestead Bay on February 16. Abrasions to her eye and nose suggested she had been struck by the mast or boom of her windsurfer and lost consciousness, causing her to drown, he said. "But just exactly how that happened, we won't know," Mr Crerar said.

Ms Green's sisters Pam Maclean and Jewell Cassells said the 51-year-old woman was often a mystery in life also.
A competitive windsurfer and long-distance mountain runner, she collected a haul of medals her family was hardly aware of.
"She never showed off. We didn't know most of the time she'd won things or how good she was," Mrs Cassells said. "It was hard to keep track of her." The youngest of four siblings, Ms Green was born and brought up in Queenstown.
She had a varied working life, including time as a travel agent, running her own accounting business and office work, Mrs Cassells said.
" She always gave up any kind of commitment when she had a good job as she didn't want it to get in the way of her sports." An enthusiastic traveller, she had lived in Switzerland and the United States, where she was married and divorced. The day she died she had booked a trip to Greece to go windsurfing.
Ms Green was devoted to her pets and her family, spending long hours assisting her elderly parents in Queenstown, Mrs Maclean said.
After the loss of her dog Molly late last year she had planned to get a new dog to be trained in the search and rescue work she had become involved in.
Mrs Cassells said she often worried about her sister running and windsurfing by herself.
Mr Crerar said while it was possible Ms Green could have been resuscitated if someone had been with her on the day she died, he was satisfied she had not taken any undue risks. Windsurfer Peter McInally said there had been a wind of about 28 knots and whitecaps on the lake that afternoon. "It was a nice, sunny day, a very steady wind; ideal conditions," he said.
Ms Green was a very experienced windsurfer who was always safety conscious, wearing a helmet and lifejacket despite it not being compulsory.
Mr Crerar said his office had been unable to find an example of a similar death in New Zealand or Australia.
"It appears therefore that the injuries sustained by Jude are unusual," he said. "This is just a tragic accident that's taken a loved sister and aunty away from us."

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