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2008 Olympic Regatta: Practice races ongoing

Now that Neil Pryde has issued the RS:X equipment to the participating national athletes, everyone is taking every opportunity to test their set-ups in daily unoffiicial practice races. The weed has cleared. The Chinese military helped by thousands of volunteers have done a magnificent job even installing a long floating barrier to keep the dreaded weed out of the Olympic racing area. To add to the general feeling of relief, the sun is out and great visibility is back. After two months of fog and poor viz, this is the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle. The RS:X equipment supplied by Neil Pryde has been received with satisfaction by the athletes who report that, on the water, speed variations have been reduced to a minimum. This is as a result of a detailed process leading up to the introduction of ‘one shot’ manufacturing and subsequent on the water testing by top athletes. With the Olympic Regatta only days away, the scene is set for a titanic struggle in the light winds and current of Quingdao. All that could be done has been done. Everyone has done their jobs to the best of their ability. Let the Games begin!

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