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New Windsurfing Speed World Record!

TeamPryde’s Antoine Albeau (FRA 192) has broken the world speed sailing record by 0.4 knots to set a new world record speed of 49.09 knots.After months of waiting for the big mistral winds, the speed canal at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea came to life again with 45-50 knots hitting the speed strip at a perfect angle.

At 12.29 on Wednesday 5 March Antoine hit a big gust and flew down the 1km man made canal. The scoreboard stopped at 49 knots, however after extensive video checking with the observer from the World Speed Sailing Record Council, the speed was verified at 49.09 knots, 0.4 knots faster than the old record set by team mate Finian Maynard in April 2005.

Antoine’s new World record is the latest in an astounding string of successes over the past year where he was named PWA Slalom World Champion, Formula World Champion and ISA Speed World Champion and more recently French Speed Champion having broken the French National record twice within a six week period with a top speed of 47.69 knots.

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