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New Zealand 2008 Slalom Nationals NOR

The Notice of Race is available for download in MSWord format here or can be viewed online

NZL sail numbers can be checked here. Check you number is available.

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FEBRUARY 6th – 10th 2008

Otago Harbour



The Organising Authority is Dunedin Windsurfing Association.

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1. Rules

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008

(Windsurfing Competition Rules) or as modified by the race committee for the 2008 New Zealand Windsurfing

Slalom Nationals in this notice of race and the sailing instructions.

1.2 The YNZ Safety Regulations Part 1 shall apply. A suitable wetsuit will satisfy clause 1. Helmets are

strongly recommended.

2. Eligibility and Entry

2.1 The regatta is an open regatta, open to all boards.

2.2 Every Competitor shall be a financial member of Windsurfing NZ Inc or for overseas competitors a

member of a recognised equivalent organisation.

2.3 Every board shall correctly display sail numbers as allocated by Windsurfing NZ or for overseas

competitors by a recognised equivalent organisation. Sail numbers are to be 250mm high & no less than

25mm in black preferably, positioned no lower than one metre above the boom. Starboard number must be

higher than the port side. Numbers to be in a clear plain font easily readable from both sides of the sail.

2.4 Advanced entries will be accepted until the normal closing date of 25th January, 2007, by completing

the attached entry form accompanied by the appropriate fee (see entry form below) and mailing it to: NZ

Slalom Nationals, Paul Vlietstra, 1 Glenmore St, Leith Valley, Dunedin.

2.5 Late entries, accompanied by an additional late entry fee of $50 may be accepted until 1930 hours Friday 1st February 2008 or at the Race Committees discretion

2.6 A deposit of only $50NZ for Overseas competitors (payable before the 18th of January), will be refunded on appearance at the event. No other event entry fee will be required. No refund will be made if the competitor does not appear.

3. Schedule of Events

3.1 Registration: 1700 hr - 1800 hr. Wednesday 5th February 2008 at Watercooled Sports Kitchener St.

3.2 Briefing: 1830 hr. Tuesday 5th February 2008 at Vauxhall Yacht Club. 0930 hr. Daily prior to racing at Kitchener St Reserve (next to Watercooled Sports) Or unless otherwise stated by the Race committee each evening after debriefing of the current days sailing.

3.3 Racing: Sat 6th February to Wednesday 10th February. The first warning signal each day may be at 1030 hrs wind permitting. (see section 3.2…Daily). Racing will continue until the Race committee chooses to give notice that the event is completed No warning signal will be made after 1600 hrs on Sunday the 10th February.

3.4 Event end and Prize giving:

Sunday the 10th is scheduled as a reserve day to be used at the discretion of the race committee.

3.5 Overseas competitors; Every effort will be made to provide accommodation in billet form (with other local windsurfers), for every overseas competitor attending please notify Paul Vlietstra by e-mail to confirm numbers attending. Along with your $NZ50 refundable deposit.


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4. Sailing Instructions

4.1 The Sailing Instructions will be available from the Vauxhall Yacht Club after registration.

4.2 There will be several age group divisions to choose from: Under 25 years, 26 – 35 years , 36 – 49 years, 50 years and over, Overall Men & Overall Women.

4.3 Gear: There will be an open gear class consisting of any equipment choice and a restricted gear class consisting of 1 board and 2 sails nominated by your-self on the evening registration on the 5th of February.

5. Racing Area

5.1 The races will be held in the waters Otago Harbour between Portsmouth Drive and Macandrew Bay.

6. Courses to be sailed

6.1 The courses will be downwind slalom, figure 8, or long distance downwind slalom.

6.2 Wind minimum 13 knots at the start boat. A time limit for races will be set by the officer of the day.

7. Scoring

7.1 To be advised at the Registration briefing 5th February 1830 hrs.

7.2 Windsurfing NZ will recognise the event when 9 races have been completed.

7.3 No score will be excluded until more than five races have been completed. A competitors worst score

will be excluded when six to eight races have been completed and 2 worst scores will be excluded

when nine to eleven races have been completed and 3 worst scores when twelve or more races have

been completed.

8. Prizes

8.1 Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third overall and spot prizes as available and where determined by the race committee.

8.2 Prizes may also be awarded for the following dependent on entry numbers; Under 30 years, 31 – 49 years, 50 years and over, Overall Men & Overall Women.

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6th – 10th February 2008

Otago Harbour


Sail Number: _____________________________________

Age and Gear Division __________________________________

Full Name ________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

Telephone: Work:_______________ Home: _____________

Mobile: ___________________ Fax: ___________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________

Date of birth : ______________________________________

A small number of shipping containers may be available for gear storage over the period of the racing. Cost is $160.00 per container. We would encourage you to share this with other competitors. Please make your own arrangements on numbers sharing the containers. Please pre pay this now to ensure access.

Entry Fee of $150.00 ???? is enclosed

Container Fee of $160.00 ???? is enclosed

Total Paid: $

Please make cheques payable to:

Dunedin Windsurfing Association, 1 Glenmore St, Leith Valley, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Main Contact is Paul Vlietstra +64 21 34 7777 (e-mail preferred)

I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that govern this event. I understand that neither the Organising Authority and its officers, members and servants or other persons assisting with the conduct of the regatta accept any responsibility in respect of any injury or loss to person or property that may be sustained by reason of participation in the regatta or howsoever arising in connection with the regatta. I agree to the use of my photograph(s) and other relevant information in any event publicity and in the ongoing promotion of New Zealand yachting. I agree to the Organising Authority and Yachting New Zealand holding the above information for the general administration and well-being of the sport, and for them to retain, use and disclose the information to affiliated organisations and any other persons or organisations that Yachting New Zealand believes will further the interests and objectives of Yachting New Zealand. I acknowledge my right to access to and correction of this information. The consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Competitor’s signature:________________Name:_______________________Date:___/___/____

Parent or Guardian signature (Juniors):____________Parent/Guardian Name:___________________Date:___/___/____

For competitors aged 16 years and under, a `parent or guardian must also sign on behalf of the entrant in respect of the above declaration.

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