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British Airways bans windsurfers and surfboards

RYA reports with effect from 6 November, 2007, British Airways has announced that it will no longer carry certain items of sporting equipment ? including windsurfers.

They state, on their website, that due to the large size and handling complexities, some sporting equipment cannot be accommodated through the airport baggage system or within the aircraft hold.

Therefore they will no longer accept the following equipment at check-in as part of the sporting equipment allowance:

Hang gliders
Windsurfing boards and sails
Kayaks or canoes
Pole vaults

Passengers wishing to transport these items are being advised to contact their local freight company to arrange carriage for any items that exceed the permitted weight and size.

Chief Windsurfing Instructor for the RYA, Amanda Van Santen says: 'As the governing body, our job is to protect and promote boating and windsurfing, so we see this decision by BA as a directly negative reaction to the sport.

'Historically BA has always been a good choice of airline when travelling abroad with windsurfing kit, however the introduction of this ban will mean that windsurfers are forced to look elsewhere for their travel arrangements if they wish to take their own kit.'

Amanda continued: 'We will be contacting BA directly to understand their reasoning behind the decision to ban windsurfing kit and investigate ways in which they will assist windsurfers in finding other options for transporting their gear.'

by RYA

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