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Committed – Marcilio ”Brawzihno” Browne, 40 minutes of windsurfaction. DVD quality. FREE.

The sport of windsurf has given you Robby Naish, Björn Dunkerbeck, Jason Polakow and now… Marcilio “Brawzihno” Browne (Mistral/Gaastra). The 17 year old Brazilian is the future of windsurfing, and in “Committed” people will have the privilege to follow him on a surf trip along the beautiful and windy coast of Ceará, Brazil. There is freestyle and waveriding containing double spocks, tweaked pushloops, double forwards, shaka diablos, goiters and burners and much more. Everything mixed with lifestyle and unbelievable scenery.

With PWA top results in 2007 (including victory on Fuerteventura) in both freestyle and waves, Brawzihno has now earned the respect as the future in windsurfing, due to his allround skills.

Riders: Marcilio Browne, Andre Paskowski, Ian Mouro and Edvan Souza.
Locations: Jericoacoara, Fortaleza and hidden beaches in northern Brazil
Lenght: 40 minutes
Production: Peter Film Production
Movie info: 1,2 GB, PAL, 4:3

Committed is free to download for anyone as a torrentfile (full DVD quality). Copies of DVD

I may get around to burning this myself so if anyone can't download it but wants a copy let me know - but there'll be a small charge ;^)

click the link below

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