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Kate Ellingham sixth overall in RS:X in Holland

North Shore RS:X sailor, Kate Ellingham has made a very promising start to the Breitling Regatta (formerly the Holland/SPA Regatta) currently underway at Medemblik, Holland.

Currently she lies in sixth place overall, one place behind World Formula Boardsailing champion, Allison Shreeve (AUS).

Kate reports after three days of competition:

'This is the third day of racing in Holland. Light and shifty winds for the first two days. I had a good first day with a third and sixth.

'Yesterday was OK with a sixth and maybe eighth not sure of the last one sorry. Its looking like another light day today, but it will possibly build as they day goes on. We have to share our course with the 49er so we don?t usually start racing until at least 3pm.

'Racing is pretty good but very hard work. But there is this nasty slalom at the end and in no wind its just painful. I slipped on the last mark when I was gybing and fell in lost a place and i could have easily gained one had that not happened so I was extremely annoyed and took a while to cool down after that. But it was last race so it didn?t matter. I can?t even remember the last time I fell in!!!

'The first day we got off the water at 7.30pm. But it doesn?t get dark until 11pm and even then its not pitch black.

'The temperature is really nice I?m in summer clothes even at night, but I think it will be cooler in Kiel. I?m really excited about going there and doing some good training.

'I?ve been doing a lot of roller blading here because it?s so flat and every thing is very spread out. Medemblik is tiny one main street and that?s 2km from club. Lucky I?m staying over the road from the club.

Will keep you updated'


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