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ISWC formally approved as ISAF International Class

The sport of Speedsailing has taken another leap forward with the news that it has been approved by ISAF (International Sailing Federation) as an international class. Primarily this will enable this exciting discipline, to achieve a greater profile and credibility on the world stage.

The Speed Windsurfing Class Association, formally the International Speedsailing Association has been working hard over the last year defining agreements with international sailing associations to achieve this coveted recognition. Including Great Britain – UKWA, Germany – DWSV, Netherlands – NSWO, Belgium – BABC and Austria – ASWA and it is hoped that following this announcement many more national associations will become affiliate member of ISWC and get their national championships included in the tour.

Peter Davis, the chairman of the new association said "This recognition from ISAF is great news for the sport of speedsailing and windsurfing in general, underlining the importance and popularity it has achieved in recent years. I would personally like to thank Ceri Williams from the IWA, who has been instrumental in helping us achieve this acknowledgment by ISAF. It will also be beneficial to the stars of our sport such as Finian Maynard, Bjorn Dunkerbeck and David White. One of which, we are confident will break the 50 knot barrier in the very near future”.

The 2007 Speedsailing world tour starts in June on the idyllic island of Karpathos in Greece. A very popular venue on the tour as it is renowned for high wind’s and warm azure blue waters. This is followed in July by Sotavento on the island of Fuerteventura which has a long history of speedsailing dating back to the early 70’s. The final premier event on the tour is Walvis Bay in Namibia which in recent years has proved to be the most consistent venue and holds 4 world and 21 national speed records. The ISWC has also sanctioned national events around the world in 2007 which also count for world ranking points in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria. More details on

SO, how fast can you go?

The International Speed Windsurfing Class organizes the Speedsurfing GrandPrix Tour. The winners of this tour are the official World Champions in the discipline of Speed Windsurfing. This Tour and all events are sanctioned by IWA

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