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Windsurfing NZ News March 2006

Members will have recieved their newsletter together with their complementary copy of Wind & Kite. The newsletter is also available online , just click for ... News March 2006

Windsurfing New Zealand lobbies to save Whangamata Bar and harbour.
Windsurfing New Zealand was one of the many organisations that lobbied Government MP Chris Carter to holt the proposed and consented marina project at Whangamata. The basis of our opposition was that the marina project did not take into account the possible damage to the surf break at Whangamata, long regarded as one of the best wave sailing spots in the North island (although wind conditions seldom comply). It seems that little or no research has been done into the consequences of dredging the harbour entrance. Also of consideration was the harbour area where the marina was to be situated. This area has been known for years as an ideal nursery for beginner windsurfers and for the last 20 odd years a windsurf school has operated in the area over the summer holiday period. There was nothing in the marina proposition about replacing or creating another area to mitigate the loss of this. It would be ideal if the Marina development could go ahead and the interests of the other parties are looked after at the same time.
Chris Carter however, seems to have stopped the development on the grounds of the loss of the wetland and other aspects not related to WNZ's lobbying.
Whilst the cancellation of the marina consent makes a mockery of the legislative process we felt it was important to try to protect the interests of windsurfers which are seldom taken into account by local or government bodies.
WNZ instructors course!
WNZ's instructional committee have revised the basic teaching system and have an instructor course provisionally planned for the weekend 22-23rd April in Auckland.
This is a two day (8-10hr per day) course aimed at keen windsurfers wishing to
provide safe informative lessons and become a WNZ qualified Level 1-2

The student will be coached to provide professional instruction of:

Introduction and rigging
Secure position
180 degree turn
Sailing position
Upwind sailing
Safety - rescue techniques
Future techniques and equipment

Will be able to conduct basic windsurfing on water group sessions in a safe
Will be coached through basic rescue boat driving, safety and basic windsurf
rescue procedures.

The student's personal sailing will be observed and there will be assessments
of practical techniques and theoretical knowledge. The student will provide
a small presentation aimed at beginner windsurfers, which will be assessed.

The Student is required to have a reasonable knowledge of windsurfing
techniques. Personal sailing should be proficient in planing conditions,
able to sail in the footstraps in control on modern equipment. Able to sail
upwind efficiently, fast tack and flare gybe in non-planing conditions.

Minimum age (16), WNZ membership essential.

WNZ master instructors will conduct the course and spaces are limited.
Price $495 payable to Windsurfing New Zealand.
Contact Pete Smith (Instruction Committee Head) on Or phone 527 8300 or 021 637830

Techno 293 OD Nationals 2006
The 1st NZ Techno 293 OD Nationals in conjunction with the inaugural RSX Nationals were recently held at Takapuna Beach NZ.

Conditions were light except for the 1st day when the fleet was smacked with large waves and 20-knot winds.

The eventual winner for the boys was Richard Ellis. Hannah Linkhorn won the girls division.
This group showed the benefits of some time on the water and training at Kohimarama YC under the supervision of Kohi's Techno coach, David Robertson. The number of girls to boys appears to be roughly 50/50.

Trials are being held in March at the Kohimarama Yacht Club to select a team to attend the 2006 World Champs in Italy in August.
For more information go to or
Or e-mail paul@yachtingnz. / or call Roger Tweddell on 021 953 060.
RSX Nationals January 2006
The New Olympic class has attracted a huge amount of attention in New Zealand already. There is a large fleet training and racing and the National Champs were held at the Takapuna Yacht Club in late January. Conditions were windy and challenging for the first day but winds dropped off for the last 3 days to be light and fickle. There was also a large contingent of top overseas competitors pushing the local sailors.

Men : 24 Entries
1. Tom Ashley, NZL, 24 points
2. Jon-Paul Tobin, NZL, 32
3. Przemek Miarczynski, POL, 38
4. Piotr Myszka, POL, 39
5. David Robertson, NZL, 40

Women: 7 Entries
1. Anna Eason, NZL, 26
2. Hayley Thom, NZL, 31
3. Justina Sellers, NZL, 32
4. Steffanie Williams, NZL, 37
5. Moana Delle, GER, 37
Check out for more information about the RSX. Also contact if you want to get into this class.
World RSX Rankings
New Zealand has 5 sailors in the world top 20 rankings. This shows the depth of talent in this country and is also a reflection of the huge development in coaching by New Zealand Olympic classes Boardsailing coach Paul Page. The RSX has attracted a lot of attention world wide because it's so much more representative of mainstream windsurfing than the old Mistral IMCO. (The RSX is a hybrid board. ie short and wide but still with a centreboard).
Current World Ranking's;

  • John Paul Tobin
  • David Robertson
  • Tom Ashley
  • James Wells

14. Michael Lichtwark
NIWA buoys in Auckland Harbour.
NIWA has been conducting a study in Auckland harbour for the ARC, of the effects of things such as storm water contamination. You might have seen buoys moored around the harbour that measure current flow and wave action.
Race in New Caledonia
An e-mail has been received from the New Caledonia Windsurf association. It reads as follows:
My name is Pascale and I am a volunteer in the local windsurfing association here in New Caledonia, called ACPV.

At the end of the year, from the 8th to the 11th November, we are organising a speed crossing and slalom event on our beautiful lagoon. We are planning to host 50 competitors, from New Caledonia mainly, but also from Tahiti , Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

- The event is happening from the 8th to the 12th November (registration on the 8th and beginning of the races on the 9th).
The races will be slalom and speed crossing with a huge 40-km-long speed crossing on the last day. “
Having been to New Caledonia myself many years ago for this event it is well worth a look at and should be a lot of fun. ( Roger Tweddell )

WNZ needs a treasurer !
We have a small but significant job to be filled. We need a treasurer to look after our accounts. It is only a couple of hours per month at most and would be ideally suited to someone living on Auckland's North Shore and with some accounting experience. The remuneration is huge and the successful applicant will also get an ice block for X-mas.
Subscription Renewals and NZL Number register
Your 2007 subscription Renewal Form will be coming out to you in May this year. Please, if you are interested in keeping our work to a minimum, pay either by direct credit to our account or by posting a chq a.s.a.p.
Please note that membership is valid from June 1st each year.If you want to keep your NZL number please pay your subs promptly. Currently we are under a lot of pressure for racing numbers under 3 figures so if you are late paying (after October 31 st) we may give your number away to some other needy racer.
Also, if you are no longer racing and have a low number please let Jane Jeffrey know by stating that you no longer require your number in an e-mail to or by returning your renewal form to Windsurfing NZ, 19 Limmer Place, Browns Bay, Auckland 1311.

Windsurfing New Zealand Events Calendar
June 2006 -WNZ Annual General Meeting ,
Venue – Takapuna Boating Club, Auckland. It is Likely to be the 2 nd of June. Date to be confirmed. Contact or phone Roger 021 953 060.
September 2006 -National Wave Sailing Champs
Venue -Taranaki, Organiser Carbon Art Taranaki Windsurfing Club, Ph 06 752 4485, 027 4466 102, e-mail .nz - This event is Definite. Exact Dates to be confirmed.
October 2006 Labour Weekend - Taranaki Wave Classic ,
Organiser- Carbon Art,
Contact or ph 06 752 4485
November 2006 -National Formula and Course Racing Champs .
Formula, Open Class, Raceboard Class, Imco. Venue - Whangaparoa (just north of Auckland). Organiser Ray Smith and the Manly Sailing Club. This Event is Provisional at this stage. Volunteers Required. Contact Ray Smith -
March 2007 – RSX Techno National Champs
Dates and venue to be confirmed.
Probably in Auckland
Easter 2007 - National Slalom Championships
Taranaki, Organiser Carbon Art -James Dinnis, Ph 06 752 4485, 0274 466 102 , e-mail
Please contact if you have any events you would like put into the calendar.
President's Notes !
Please Find enclosed a complimentary copy of the latest issue of Wind and Kite magazine. Please enjoy it!
For those businesses that have supported Windsurfing New Zealand by sponsoring this newsletter I offer my sincerest thanks.
I have known all the people mentioned in the profiles for some time, in some cases for 20 years or more. I know that they have the interests of all windsurfers at heart and can offer the best service and advice. They are all good people.
You will also notice that there is a lot of news about the Bic Techno racing and the RSX. You will see over the next few years a huge resurgence in the sport of windsurfing which will be the result of the initiative to get windsurfing back into yacht clubs where the culture and fun and exhilaration of windsurfing can be fostered in an environment that is very receptive. Yacht Clubs see windsurfing as a fun and exhilarating way to sail. Now the Techno and RSX classes also offer a pathway to structured racing and international competition all the way to the Olympics!
We will be sending out more news in the coming months with a subscription renewal and confirming dates for the AGM.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Roger Tweddell

Newsletter Sponsor Profiles
This Newsletter is sponsored by the following Businesses. Please call Roger Tweddell on 021 953 060 if you would like to sponsor this newsletter, or e-mail
Pt Chev Sailboards , 5 Raymond Street Pt Chevalier. Ph 09 815 0683, and Tamaki Sailboards, 532 Ellerslie Panmure Highway Panmure.
Ph: 09570 5121
Proprietor: Brian Smith.
A keen windsurfer who has been in the business for over 15 years, Brian is a real speed hound and rules the roost at Pt Chev (most of the time) and also loves bashing round in the surf at Takapuna and Orewa. (Dabbles in the dark side, kite surfing!) Stocks all major windsurf and kiteboard brands and has a huge range. Brands such as North, Gaastra, Starboard, Naish. Also stocks snowboards and surfboards. They have a school at Pt Chev and also work closely with Buckland's Beach Windsurf School on the Tamaki river. or e-mail
Windsurfing South Pacific , 75 Barry's Point Road, Takapuna.
Ph: 09 486 7739
Proprietors; Phil Stoddard and Mark Dunn.
Phil is New Zealand's longest serving windsurf shop owner. He's been at it since the late 70's. (Mark not much less)
When it comes to windsurfing these guys have done it all - racing, wavesailing, freeriding - you name it. A long time Neil Pryde agent they stock a huge range including Bic, Fanatic and JP. They also stock Cabrinha Kites. Your source for the RSX and Techno in Auckland. Work closely with Mad Loop Windsurf School down on Lake Pupuke. or e-mail
Assault Wind Surf , 24 Pacific Avenue, Mt Maunganui. Ph 07 5757 831
Proprietor: Glenn Bright.
Glenn comes a close 2 nd when it comes to time in the business. He has done every sort of windsurfing known to man and been a very successful racer. Has now gone to the dark side and kitesurfs. Stocks a good range of windsurfing and kiting gear such as Bic, North, Naish and Starboard. Also the Bay of Plenty's premium surf shop with all the surf, snowboards and cool clothing you could imagine. They are close to some really good sailing spots and have a great windsurfing and kite school nearby at Pilot Bay in the Tauranga harbour. and e-mail
Wild Winds, Chaffers Marina, Oriental Bay Wellington. Ph: 04 384 1010.
Proprietor: Dave McPhee.
Dave was once a genuine speed pod (terrorising Evans Bay) and now gives a huge amount of support to his crew of young sailors down in Wellington. The shop is close to the centre of Wellington and is a long time stockist of Neil Pryde and has North, JP, Fanatic, Bic and AHD etc. Has huge range of stuff for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Also stocks snowboards. The Wild Winds Windsurf School operates in the Pauatahanui Inlet just North of Wellington. and e-mail
Groundswell , 4 Settlers Road, Ferrymead, Christchurch.
Ph: 03 384 5086 .
Proprietor; Alan Taylor.
Alan is a real Freestyle fanatic who has been in the business for 15 years. He's a sailmaker who got into windsurfing repairing windsurf sails. Al can fix anything. Al's wife Nicola looks after the girls that shop at Groundswell with specialist female care. The shop stocks a full range of windsurf and kite gear including North, Neil Pryde, Naish, Bic and Fanatic. The Groundswell Windsurf School operates just yards away down on the estuary at Ferrymead, which is just perfect for the first steps into windsurfing. and e-mail
Watercooled Sports , 9 Kitchener Street, Dunedin. Ph 03 479 2206
Proprietor: Tony Limburg.
Tony has been in the windsurfing business for nearly 20 years. Tony has vast experience at all levels of windsurfing and has even managed to pull off a national title in recent years. He is still keen on racing and has a shop just a few metres from the waters edge and an office window that looks straight out on the water. Want a wind report, give Tony a call at the shop. The shop stocks all the major windsurfing brands such as Bic, Starboard, Jp , fanatic, Neil Pryde, Chinook and Tushingham. Watercooled has a windsurfing school right on its doorstep in perfect conditions for learning. The shop has a full range of other watersports gear and snowboards and skis. and e-mail
Madloop Windsurf School , Sylvan Park, Lake Pupuke, Auckland.
Ph: 021 958 812
Proprietor: Al Macintosh.
Al is the one of most qualified instructors in New Zealand having been teaching sailing and windsurfing for over 20 years. He is RYA and WNZ qualified and is one of the most likeable guys you have met. His school runs all year round down on Lake Pupuke (A perfect place for learning with calm conditions and pleasant surroundings) and he has a number of RYA qualified instructors working for him. He is currently running courses for Techno sailors. Al offers a full range of high performance windsurfing gear for hire. and e-mail

Carbon Art, 12 Kaihihi Road, Okato, Taranaki. Ph 06 752 4485
Proprietor: James Dinnis.
James is Mr Wave Sailing in New Zealand. Probably NZ's best wave sailor, James is also a successful racer with a National Course Racing title. Carbon Art is NZ's only manufacturer of high performance, windsurf hulls having revolutionised production/custom boardbuilding technology. James has established himself on the world market also with top PWA sailor Phil McGain riding for Carbon Art. Carbon Art also is the only manufacturer in the world with 6 ISAF registered slalom board models. Carbon Art produces many different models from 60 litre wave boards through to 80 cm Slalom 85 cm Freeride boards.
Check out
Or e-mail

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