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Kiwi in PSL Speedsurfing Grand Prix 2005

Dave MacInnes is listed amoung the qualifiers for the above eventDear all,

we like to inform you that the competitors directly qualified for the
PSL Speedsurfing Grand Prix 2005 have been chosen. It was a hard piece
of work and a lot of circumstances had to be taken into account,
because nearly 100 riders from 15 nations around the world finally applied to compete in Port St. Louis. Please note that Amateurs who registered directly at Port St. Louis are not listed here, so in the end we have around 120 inscriptions !

How this table is to be read: Attached to every name you find the letter "A" or "P". "A" means that you have to race in the amateurs/qualifiers fleet and thus have the chance to qualify for one of the five qualifiers places left for the pro fleet. Qualification will be run daily before the pro races. and the top amateurs/qualifiers will then be allowed to enter the next pro race.
Everybody not listed here (because of registration directly at Port St. Louis) will automatically fall in the amateurs/qualifiers fleet.
"P" means that you directly qualified for the professionals fleet!

Please remember, that normally not all registered riders come to an event, so there is an additional chance to get a wildcard directly on registration day, if competitors qualified for the pro fleet do not register.

The Notice of Race with all additional information will be sent early next week.

See you soon in Port St. Louis !

Name Nation Fleet
Alain de Gendt BEL P
Alain Ostrovsky FRA A
Andrea Bargi ITA A
Andreas Glahn GER A
Antoine Albeau FRA P
Ben van der Steen NED P
Benoit Moussilmani FRA P
Berge Laurent FRA A
Bieuzy Mauffret FRA P
Birger Bruhns GER A
Bjoern Dunkerbeck AND P
Caspar Nielsen DEN P
Cedric Bordes FRA P
Cedric Burel FRA A
Chris Lockwood AUS P
Christian Bornemann GER P
Christian Piepers NED A
Christophe Fiorentini FRA P
Christophe Richaud FRA P
Cyril Moussilmani FRA P
Dan Ellis GBR A
Dave MacInnes NZL P
Dave White GBR P
Davit Garrel FRA P
Fabian Pendle FRA P
Fabrice Couturier FRA P
Finian Maynard BVI P
Francesco d'Urso ITA P
Franck Lecomte FRA A
Franck Malmasson FRA A
Francois Peneau FRA P
Giuseppe Fortunato ITA P
Guillaume Demartres IRL P
Hans Ten Bos NED A
Henrik Klagges GER A
Ingo Benneweg GER P
J.B. Gautier FRA P
Jan Cas Smit NED P
Jan van Dijke NED A
Jean Francois Buleon FRA P
J-L- Vandycke FRA A
Jochen Krauth GER P
Jose Bahadour GOU P
Juergen Herbold GER P
Lejon Hamstra NED A
Lemercier Loc FRA A
Manfred Krueckeberg GER P
Martin Serge FRA A
Martin van Meurs NED P
Massimo Masserini ITA A
Matthias Sommer GER A
Michael Brozio GER P
Michael Pucher AUT P
Nick Vardalachos GRE A
Oliver Schmidt GER P
Paolo Maggienga ITA A
Pascal Toselli FRA P
Patrick Oberlender GER A
Patrik Diethelm ITA P
Peter Starzengruber AUT A
Peter van Dijk NED P
Ralph Mueller GER A
Randy Zandbergen NED P
Reginald Gyselinck BEL A
Robert Angst AUT A
Robert Mulder NED A
Robert Sturm AUT A
Roland de Wilt NED A
Ruediger Lotz GER P
Serge Beumer NED A
Spartharis Vangelis GRE A
Stefan Schall GER A
Stephane Ruiz FRA A
Sylvain Moussilmani FRA P
Thierry Bielak FRA P
Thomas Doeblin GER P
Thorsten Luig GER P
Thorsten Niehaus GER P
Torsten Mallon GER P
Tristan Peyrotte FRA A
Ulrich Sattler GER A
Uwe Michelchen GER P
Wilfried Wanherweghe FRA A
Wolfgang Lewang GER P
Xavier Joly FRA A

Name Nation Fleet
Birgit Hoefer GER P
Birgit Prieser GER P
Christine Couturier FRA A
Christine Pihan GER P
Karin Jaggi SUI P
Margit Germany AUT P
Marianne Tertian FRA P
Marion Raisi FRA A
Michel Magali FRA A
Ophelie Joly FRA A

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The ISA is the IFCA division for speedsurfing.
The ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Tour is sanctioned by IFCA

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