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Hi Team,

Thanks for the emails from the sailors. Remember, I need to have your latest email addresses so check the other email I sent. Tuesday Meeting,Thanks to all those that attended, it was nearly a full turn-out. I think we made some good progress as to planing how we will operate this summer. It was good having Peter Lester there to observe, ask questions and make suggestions.The main points we voted on.1. It was a good idea for me to go with the youth team to Thailand and depart on either the 24th or the 27th. There as since been a team decision by those going to Thailand that I go to Thailand on the 27th to save costs. This has the advantage of having me in NZ for the Tamaki regatta for the sailors left in NZ. 2. We sorted out that the Tamaki regatta should go ahead as a ranking regatta inspite of half the fleet being in Thailand and that next time a clash happens, we should bring the situation to YNZ earlier.3. We agreed that some nights the fleet should have my attention split and some days possibly split the fleets tasks some nights all in together. This will be in the year planer which we worked on Saturday afternoon.4. We agreed that anyone who is on the program and cannot make it to a full training session should contact me by email or phone in advance. Also "thank yous" after a coaching session are important. A Thank you gives me the signal that you are leaving and happy and it gives me a last chance to give you information.5. We spoke about how important courtesy is between everyone sailing together. We have to learn to look after and help each other on and off the water. It is good to learn to control ones emotions while racing. Unbridled passion for pumping off the start and when your sights are clear and pull back and observe when there is potential for a collision to ensure if you are in the clear or and there is no contact. Going out of each others way to help each other with Transport port is also important.6. We spoke about the return & sale of the YNZ equipment and although there were some good suggestions there wasn't a solution that all parties were in agreement with.7. We decided on a having a meeting [which was held last Saturday] to decide on the dates leading up to March for coaching and regattas. Thursday meetingAgain thanks to those that attended.We had presentations from the following people on how they wanted the high performance coaching program to run this summer. Those that spoke were;Terry Nicolas, Simon Wickham, Geoff Thorpe, Peter Lester, Martin Toomey and John the manager of the Royal Akarana Yacht Club. Saturday Training session.Scheduled start time was 10:00 amThose that attended were;Julie Worth, Sheena McKinnon, Anita Purdie, Anna Eason, James Eason, Thomas Ashley, David Robertson, Antoino Cozzolino.Mathew McCormick and Andrew Heaps. Made appearances but were unable to attend the sailing session.The rest were unable to attend due to exams. Before SailingI assessed condition of their boards and foils and gave them recommendations.I explained how to make some repairs and how the boards were made.Sailing ProgramI set a start and a top mark and ran starts using flags until 2:00 pm.Team Meeting We had a team meeting from 3:00pm until 5:00 pm where we planed the years training program.This year planer will be distributed soon. Tuesday Night TrainingBucklands Beach had 5 to maybee 20 knots and sadley confirmed my fears that the new out board cannot keep up with the boards on a reach. We will have to work together to find ways for me to get close so I can be effective. I guess you will have to keep an eye out on the flags I fly for instructions or something.... Thomas James and Julie were all go at 4:00 and we went straight into beating up the river and had gybing practice down wind using the follow the leader system. The other arrived around 5 as planed and we continued that format. It was good to see the tactics on the up wind with the wind shifts, obstructions and current and good to see some improvement in the gybes on the down wind. We finished at 7 all rather tired. Wednesday Night TrainingOkahu Bay saw us there at 4. Julie, Thomas, Mathew and James started off with a teams race in the light winds. I think everyone learned that they have some work to do in this disapline. When the rest arrived, I set a start line and for the first time in my life and possibly ever, had a particular problem with keeping one or the other end of the line in the correct position. A lone big dolphine kept taking off with one of the bouys changing the bias big time !. James and Thomas jumped in the water and held onto the buoy while the dolphine tugged on the rope. It played with the buoys until I had to pull them out to go home. I felt bad to leave such a playful lone soul behind and take away it's toy. I hope we meet up with it again soon! Tonight Okahu Bay! Lots of wind!Looking out for our friend again ! Bruce

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