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Auckland Race Series

Hi everyone, Spring is on its way and its time to get back out on the water again for those of us who have been huddling indoors over the winter.Jono Squires has done an awesome job organising the Auckland Race Series again for this summer and has taken on board everyone's feedback to make the series bigger and better - slalom is back with a vengeance and longboards are part of the mix now as well (see the Press Release below)

For those of you who havent raced before get out there and give it a go - you'll be amazed at how much your skills will improve over the summer.
Just dont give up if you dont win you're first race or you dont have the latest or fastest gear - we all have to start somewhere!

And for those of you who havent raced for a while its time to drag out that old slalom gear and blow the cobwebs off.

We look forward to seeing many out of the out of towners from last year making the pilgrimage to Auckland, especially the Wellington crew.

Entry forms and competition details are available at the following windsurfing outlets:
Windsurfing South Pacific
Pt. Chev Sailboards
Bayswater Windsurf
Carbon Art [Taranaki]

See you all on the 4th of October.

Anthony Katavich
Windsurfing New Zealand

P.S. let me know if you need a race number

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