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The Gusty Winds of spring are arriving

MetService meteorologists are forecasting windy conditions for most of the coming week and for the start of next week. Bouts of strong northwesterly wind that are typical of spring are now showing themselves, and may well be with us on-and-off until November. "These spring northwest winds are often associated with the equinox", commented MetService Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. "This year's equinox is coming up next Tuesday. As the sun gets directly over the
equator it starts to shine on and stir the air which has been kept chilled in the Antarctic dark for the last six months. So this is the time of year with the strongest difference in temperature between the tropics and Antarctica, and this in turn strengthens the westerly winds of the Roaring

Northwest wind gusts over 110 kilometres-per-hour were recorded on Wellington hilltops over the weekend and gusts to 90 kph are forecast for
parts of Southland, Otago and South Canterbury by Tuesday evening. Since this is the start of our windy season, it is a good time to check that
anything that can fly with the wind is put out of harm's way.

For further information please contact:
Bob McDavitt Weather Ambassador (09)377 4831

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