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Latest report from Jon-Paul Tobin

Saronakis Gulf Regatta 2003 (Greek National Championships). 36 Olympic Boardsailing Athletes (Men) representing 15 Nations lined up for this opportunity to get racing on the course areas designated for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. While not a big turnout the field included 12 of the Worlds top 30. Conditions for the event were predominantly windy with the Meltemi (Etesian) - a Turkish word (originally Greek) for NE winds. The Meltemi blows shifting offshore winds coming directly off the City of Athens onto the race areas.

Fortunately for the Athletes competing the heatwave that currently has Europe in its grip has not drifted across to Greece @ this time but according to local knowledge it is on its way. Temperature in Athens is currently in the 30’s.

Racing for the Saronakis was intense with only 34 days remaining to the 2003 World Championships athletes are pushing hard to hit top form in a little over a month.

Results for the Saronakis Gulf:

Nick Dempsey Great Britain
JP Tobin New Zealand
Nikolaos Kaklamanakis Greece
Fabrice Hassen France
Nicolas Huguet France

Next up…

Training in Athens working out the Olympic race area.

Racing: Olympic Test Event (20-28 August).

Relocate back to Cadiz, Spain (29 August).

Racing: 2003 World Championships (15-21 September).


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