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The 2003-04 Auckland Race Series

Revised, revamped, reorganised &the Auckland Race Series is back for the third annual year of competition. The 2003 Auckland Race Series will be held over seven weekends and will comprise nine race days. Competition starts on Saturday 4th October and culminates in the Auckland Formula Championships on Saturday 17th January. The goal, however, remains the same; to provide high quality, structured, multi-discipline windsurf racing for a wide range of skill levels.

So what's new for 2003?
A combination of competitor feedback, experience from 2001 & 2002 as well as local and international race trends indicated a need to change how the Auckland Race Series was designed. As such, new initiatives for 2003 include:

  • In addition to our selection of tried & tested race locations, the Auckland Race Series is now affiliated with Kohimara Yacht Club. Located on Auckland’s Tamaki Drive, this one year trial arrangement will provide access to the finest stretch of wind & water in Auckland.

  • Elevation of slalom as the partner discipline to course racing. To facilitate this, we're going to reduce the wind minimum for slalom to a steady 12 knots and officially schedule slalom racing as part of the Race Series calendar. This includes the introduction of the Auckland Slalom Championships, a two day slalom event. Additionally, each days racing will have no predetermined format [unless either slalom or course racing is scheduled] so be ready for anything!

  • Re-introduction of the North One Hour Classic a fantastic, all inclusive slalom-style event raced on a figure eight course over an hour. At the end of the hour the person with the most laps wins

  • Introduction of a Longboard class [for course racing events only].

2003-04 Schedule of Events
The scheduled race calendar for the forthcoming season is as follows

Round 1

Standard Race Format

Saturday 4th October

Round 2

Standard Race Format

Saturday 18th October

Round 3

The Auckland Slalom Championships

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd November

Round 4

The North One Hour Classic [slalom]

Saturday 15th November

Round 5

Standard Race Format

Saturday 6th December

Round 6

Standard Race Format

Saturday 20th December

Round 7

The Auckland Formula Championships

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th January

NB "Standard Race Format" just indicates that a decision on the days race format will depend on conditions

More Information?
For more details on the Auckland Race Series, including details on classes, rules, pricing and entry forms, check out Auckland's windsurfing stores from 25th August onwards.

If you are not based in Auckland, and would like to take part in this years race series, send an e-mail to [please note the new e-mail address] and we'll be in touch.

The 2003-04 Auckland Race Series

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