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website progress

You may have noticed things changing on the WNZ website - here's what I'm trying to achieve and some of the things I hope to get in place soon.One of the biggest problems with a website such as this is (a) gathering news and content to put on it, and (b) loading the stuff onto the site. I'm trying to minimise this as much as possible by finding the news pages on other websites, collecting the headlines and links together and displaying them here. This works for both istes, it makes this one easier to maintain and keeps the content fresh, and it links to the other site in a dynamic manner. Of couse there are bugs and problems , I'm working through those so please be patient, but if you've got relevant feedback, ideas, or sites you think would be worth including, please let me know.

Hopefully the calendar will start to fill up, I've loaded a lot of international stuff in but there's not much NZ content, so please get in touch - I hope to add some features here too, especially a printer friendly version.

Promoting the WNZ CDROM is also a priority, this is for sale but will also be distributed for free or low cost to appropriate organisations - if you are interested , get in touch.

Later on? More photos, profiles etc. of all NZs successful windsurfers, learn to windsurf info and all the other stuff that has accumulated on my site over the years that's worth keeping.

I had though a forum would be a good idea, the poll I set up suggests not (although I could speculate that 1 person is voting every day against the idea?) - but don't let that put you off - I need local news and content, and if that's the only way to get it so be it!

As always, any feedback , offers of help and ideas will be appreciated - also an MCS 25 460 wave mast would be useful, I've just split mine!


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