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Go sailing on the shortest day

MetService forecasting a windy day for the Winter SolsticeThe winter solstice occurs at 7:10am on 22 June. This makes Sunday the "shortest" day of the year. This event is used by many to mark the beginning of winter.

"Some people like to mark this special occasion with a winter swim," commented MetService Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt.
"On Sunday, we are forecasting an increasing wind from the north or northwest to affect all the country and some rain from a frontal system to move onto the south and west of the South Island.
If you are planning a swim then dress for air and sea temperatures getting up to between 11 (Celsius) in Invercargill and 17 in Whangarei."

McDavitt went on to say that New Zealand has had a remarkably mild autumn. So mild that people have been picking mushrooms in June from Kapiti to Waikato. However the coldest days of the year
usually do not arrive until late July or early August. "We are entering that time of year when we can say that as the days get longer, the cold gets stronger."

For further information please contact:
Bob McDavitt Weather Ambassador (09)377 4831

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