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2001 World Championships Press Release.

New Zealand Windsurfers ready to take on World Championships.18-26th August 2001, Varkizar, Athens.15 August 2001.NZ Windsurfers Aaron McIntosh and Jon Paul Tobin are ready to take on all comers for the 2001 Mistral Olympic Class World Championships. McIntosh and Tobin have been based in Athens since mid July and have been working solely in preparation for this years World Championships. Varkiza this year’s venue and is 30 km south of Athens.Conditions have been extreme; Very strong off shore winds and very light onshore conditions have been prominent during training.The temperatures have been constantly in the upper 30s and have reached 45 degrees on 2 occasions. Racing in these conditions, puts huge stress on the body, fluid replacement is high priority and finding shade is hard to come by on the water. Uncomfortable would be an understatement to describe some days on the water. Racing will be another thing.This year has seen a serious amount of focus from a lot of competitors considering it’s a post Olympic year. When asked about chances of winning this years World Championships McIntosh said, it’s the way it’s always been, there are a number of sailors that could take out the title, it all comes down to who can adapt to the tricky conditions and keep there head together. Mental toughness will win this one and should the temps get into 40s expect to see sailors from hot-blooded nations near the front.Tobin’s reply to the same question. I have been waiting in the wings since the Sydney Olympics; these guys are the only thing between me a World Championship victory. It’s going to be though, but I feel I’m well prepared for the battle, I know it’s going to hurt, but I’m more than prepared to go there. I want this baby! Names to look for are 96 Gold Medallist, 2000 WC and Local Nikolas Kaklamanakis, Sydney Gold Medallist Christoph Seeber, English Dominic Tidy, Nick Dempsey, Israeli Gal Friedman, the Polish and French will also be strong. Expect to see a few new faces emerging young and strong with fire in their eyes, and of course the Kiwis McIntosh and Tobin.Should you want to talk to Aaron or Jon Paul, please email ASAP to to arrange a good time to talk. Should you need photos please email the same address, High quality pics are available. A phone number will be released to selected press during the event for daily reports and interviews. Results and reports can be found through, or event web site. and Nautical Athletic Club Of Vari - Varkiza - Íáõôéêüò Áèëçôéêüò ¼ìéëëïò ÂÜñêéæáò - ÂÜñçò not sure how good these will be though. You can find progress reports on Other Kiwis also competing are Scott Radley, James Wells, Mathew McCormack and Sheena McKinnon on the Women. End.

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