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Two visistors have had gear stolen recently, please read their stories and keep a watch out for their stuffA German guy rang me today with a tale that pissed me off ...

The poor guy has come here to New Zealand to kite is paradise and has been
robbed twice

Once in chch and once in Auckland so now he’s going home -

The only thing we can do for him at present is keep an eye open for his gear

Here is a list what got stolen:

KITEBAG "Cabrinha", 150 cm, with wheels, colors: mostly black, red, silver
KITE "CO2" made CABRINHA, 6 sqm projected (real surface 8,2 sqm), 2002,colors: mostly grey, black, this kite is still in a really good shape. No patches
KITE "Skoop", made TAKOON, 8,5 sqm projected (real surface 11,6 sqm), 2002,colors: mostly pink, gold, Kite has two patches close to the "skoop" writing and symbol (right side). second smallest tube on the left side is broken.gets empty after 1-2 hours
KITEBOARD "Underground WT 137", 2002 with race disign, color yellow, "slingshot" footstraps, 50 mm fins, a former board of cindy mosey so it got instead of underground "seagate" written on it's back + north kiteboarding stickers and writing
KITEBAR "Naish X2", 4 Lines, 2002, original setup
KITEBAR "Takoon Skoop", 4 Lines, 2002, self made safety: a "neilpryde" loop to grab in case of emergency attached the right front line
KITELINES "Cabrinha", brandnew set of 4 lines
WAISTHARNESS "Neilpryde", 2002, freestyle model, "Nico" written on it's back
BOARDSHORTS, RIPCURL - mostly black, white,
BILLABONG - model "skulls & flowers", mostly blue
WINDMETER, make "kaindl", name "windmaster 2", silver

the two backpacks were packed with cloth..... so there is no point to describe is there?
After 2 days of talks the police now declined to send me the pics of the chicks trading in my wetsuits. It would be against law to publish the pictures of the offenders.... yeah right!!!!! Protect them. I unfortuantely don't got a pic of me with my takoon kite but I possibly get it sent over tomorrow. But I guess it's not that important anyway. It just a pic would make it more personell....

So if anyone turns up with my gear, please just call the police right away and try to KEEP THESE PEOPLE IN THE SHOP UNTIL THE POLICE ARRIVES. I shouldn't be any problem because kitegear has to be checked closely and that take it's time.

My file number is 030324/9768


my phone here in New Zealand for the next days is 0210-332334 my e-mail is my phone in germany is 0049-8176-270


Christian Gottlieb, German sailor, over here in NZ on a 3 month work stint, got ALL of his gear stolen out of his car, which is not covered by overseas insurance. If anyone can help recover this gear, it would be fantastic. The following is a list of items stolen:

Windsurfboard: Mistral Razor Rad Label 8.5 (256cm) white with red and orange stripes/designs

North Sails Dr.X 5.3 Model 2001 Colour: orange, blue, white
North Sails Dr.X 4.7 Model 2001 Colour: orange, blue, white

Gun Sails Wave MC 4.2 Model 2002 Colour white, orange
Gun Sails Wave MC 5.7 Model 2002 Colour white, orange
(Both in a black and orange bag. Probably only ones in NZ !!))

North Sails Viper 75 430cm (in a silver/black bag)
Gun Sails Loop 75 400cm

Boom: North Sails Progression Comp B Colour: white, grey, blue

Neilpryde MPS Size 52 Colour: black with red patches
North Sails Freeride Size 52 Colour: black

Harness: North Sails Wave Size M Colour: white, grey, black

If anyone is offerd this gear or hears anything about it, please
contact Christian Gottlieb on 021 1046 751 or

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