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Every time I sail I feel lucky to be there ...

A comment from Kimberly Birkenfeld who has perhaps made the 'ultimate sacrifice' for her sport. From Scuttlebutt 1297 - an email newsletter covering the sailing world.

* From Kimberly Birkenfeld (Ranked #1 Mistral Women on US Sailing Team 2001 and 2002): I am writing in response to Ted Germann's note on Tuesday, which struck a nerve in me. He wrote that people shouldn't disgrace sponsors in sailing, as, "Many people sacrifice careers, family and goals
to pursue the (Olympic) dream."

Please let him know that I am in line with his thinking, because as an Olympic aspirant, I did just as he outlined above for the past 7 years of campaigning. As you may have heard, my campaign ended in Athens on August 8, when I was run over by a motorboat. I am now disabled-handicapped.
Severe traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. Like other athletes, I willingly scarified career and family in pursuit of the Olympic dream. Little did I know I would sacrifice more. I read a passage in a book on brain injury- "Sometimes when your life ends, you don't die."

I just pray that the athletes now training for Athens 2004 get what they want from all their hard work. Hopefully it will be made easier for them with a little help from generous sponsors.

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