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Get up to date with the world of windsurfing - full newsletterfrom IWAMESSAGE FROM CERI WILLIAMS, FW CLASS CHAIRMAN & IWA PRESIDENT
I am honoured to have been elected by my fellow Executive Committee
members to be the 2003 Chairman of the IWA. I have the opportunity of
continuing the work of my predecessor, Bruno de Wannemaeker, and of
steering the Association towards achieving the objectives that have been
agreed by the Executive Committee, and are laid out in our key objectives
for 2003
· ISAF Evaluation Trials
o To give input into the methodology and analysis of the trials
o To develop a marketing & communications strategy for the Olympic format
o To make proposals concerning the Olympic Class, Format, Rules & Structure
· Amendment to Appendix B
o This is now a top priority
o To review the FRRS and RRS Appendix B with a view
o To make a joint submission to the ISAF by July 31st '03
· IWA Industry membership
o To encourage windsurfing brands to join
o To work with them to promote the sport
o To establish a strong central administration
· Global Marketing Strategy
o To attract new participants
o To promote a 'flag carrier'
o To rationalize existing competition structures
· Production Board Registration & Measurement
o To review/amend the board registration procedure
o To facilitate simple and effective regatta measurement
· Existing Championships
o To deliver high standards of execution and integrity
o To attract the maximum number of entries
· Education
o To gather data on existing education systems
o And windsurfing schools worldwide
o In light of other objectives, this project is not high priority
The administration has been working diligently to fulfil its declared
Role: "to unite, assist and serve" the sport of Windsurfing, and its
member Classes. I have been a fervent supporter of this objective from the
beginning, believing passionately that all parts of our sport must work
together - Classes, Windsurfing Associations, National Authorities,
educational establishments and our Industry
We should unite behind the "flag carrier" for our sport - Olympic
Windsurfing. We must "rationalise" our competition structure -
proliferation of classes and titles only leads to confusion and missed
opportunities. We must continue to deliver - and improve - the quality of
events programmed; attract new participants into the sport, keep current
sailors motivated, and encourage back into the sport the vast pool of
sailors currently "dormant"!
ASSIST and SERVE - amongst the initiatives introduced: The White Paper -
2008 Olympic Equipment; The "Longboard" Racing Sructure2003/2004; Formula
Windsurfing Structure - and Youth /Junior Policy; IFCA "formula" Slalom;
review of the racing rules; and many more.
Much more needs to be done - but it can only happen with your input and
support. The classes welcome your assistance to achieve the "short-term"
objectives - and contribute to defining the "long-term" objectives. This
year's AGM will take place during the forthcoming "FESTIVAL of FORMULA" to
take place at Torbole, on Lake Garda, from 7th to 12th July. This event,
combining as it does junior, youth and Masters racing, focuses the mind on
the challenges ahead. The AGM will be combined with "workshops" for
exploring future possibilities for the sport; and a Forum, for debating
the current structure, and instigating proposals for change.
On behalf of the IWA Executive, we look forward to meeting with
representatives of your various organisations at Garda; or at one of this
year's events.

The Yearbook has gone to press. Although the contents are being completely
revised, no new covers are being provided in 2003. We expect to have the
new pages in the post by the end of this month so ?
if you received a copy last year and have since moved, please contact
Annie at to give her your new address. Or If you would like to receive a printed
version this year and are not on our mailing list, please make contact
with Annie as soon as possible.
In the meantime, the contents will be posted on the IWA website with
specialist class sections being uploaded onto the class websites as well.

22 countries and over 400 boats, higher than the most optimistic
Bay of Cadiz, - Not even the most optimistic forecasts by the organisers,
Deporte Andaluz and the Mundo Vela Consortium, regarding the number of
boats taking part in the Carnival, hinted at such a high number of entries
for the III Carnival Race, which will be held in the Bay of Cadiz, between
the 6th and 9th of March. The competition, which is considered to be the
first real test of the shore and water teams that will be involved in the
2003 ISAF World Sailing Championships in September this year, is going to
be a real test event, thanks to the presence of teams from twenty two
countries and the level of the sailors taking part.
For further information: Modesto Sánchez:
Or visit:

Due to serious problems with the Sail Registration Scheme as it was
proposed for 2002, the IFWC Committee have agreed to abandon the scheme in
its current format. The majority of sailors are still in favour of some
form of "Production Sail " limitation - and it is the committee's
intention to pursue this objective. The detail is being discussed and
research initiated, but no scheme will be implemented without time to
achieve full consultation with ALL parties involved (inc. manufacturers )
- with proper notice given of the scheme, and timescale to be involved -
and the full approval of the class AGM. THIS IS UNLIKELY TO BE ACHEIVED

The Executive Committee confirmed that further to the decision taken in
November 2002 that the new specification Mistral Boards (those
manufactured after 1 January 2003) must be used at the 2004 Olympic
Regatta, only the new specification boards must be used at the 2003 ISAF
World Sailing Championship.

Evaluation Trials - Reviewing arrangements for the evaluation trials, taking place to
assess future multihulls in the Youth Worlds, and Windsurfing trials to
identify potential equipment for the Olympic Games, the most suitable
timeframe and venues were considered. With a number of potential venues on
the table, suggestions were afoot to combine the evaluation trials and
hold them in late 2003 or Spring 2004. A final decision is expected in the
next two to three months. Information has already been published on the
Multihull Trials, with further details to be posted shortly.

Promotion of Sailing - The ISAF President has personally taken onboard the mantle to promote
the sport as a whole and the role the various partners in our sport ?
ISAF, Member National Authorities, Classes, boat and equipment
manufacturers, commercial sailing schools/holiday companies and others ?
play to support the ongoing development and participation in sailing. The
recent Sailing Summit in Australia concluded the need for ISAF to take the
lead and the ISAF President will be coming forward with initial proposals
at the forthcoming 2003 ISAF Mid-Year Meetings.

Special travel and accommodation package for the people travelling to the
EC Porto Santo/Madeira (Portugal). The Windsurfing Office has received the
definitive prices for the travel and accommodation package for people
travelling to the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Porto Santo/Madeira (Portugal) 03.
? 06. April 2003.
The package consists of the flight from Lisbon to Porto Santo and back to
Lisbon again after the competition plus lodgement in the high class Hotel
Vila Baleira **** with breakfast and dinner 7 nights (double room) for EUR
335,00 Euros per person. If you prefer bed and breakfast only the price is
reduced to EUR 265,00 per person. If you want to book a single room you
have to pay a surplus of EUR 88,00 on the rate for a double room. The
competition will take place directly in front of the Hotel Vila Baleira.
Isabel and José Guimares from the local organizer overpower are working
with full gas on the last details as on many days only small planes with a
limited capacity for windsurfing gear are flying to Porto Santo from
Lisbon. In order to ensure that all the competitors will have their gear
in time on the island they are checking alternative solutions for the
equipment (via Funchal/Madeira or via boat).
As soon as the exact procedure is clear you will be informed on the
Euro-Cup website and find the exact contact details of the travel agency. Please check
out the connections to reach Lisbon already.

26.04. - 30.04. EC Malcesine Lake
Garda, Italy
03-08.05 Europeans, Douarnenez,
Brittany, France
June, TBC Sardinia, Italy
09.07. - 13.07. EuroCup Miedzyzdroje,
24.07-27.07 Canadian Championships TBC
12.08.-15.08 Silvaplana, Switzerland
October, World Championships Sardinia, Italy
The last year's introduced formula of 7 ranked events, silver fleet
concept and other special requirements of women fleet proved to be the
right direction towards popularizing racing among the female side of the
sport. The 2002 Women Cup ranking reached 31 women participating in
competition. And the level of competition has been constantly improving
throughout the year, often making silver fleet concept only a back-up
option. What's most important last year's racing changed the spirit and
attitude of women racers and gained much more interest of media world
This years edition again covers 7 events, but this time we will include a
non-European based event. We are going to Canada in July aiming on
stimulating Women's windsurfing growth on the other side of Atlantic. It
will be exciting to see new faces and see different perspective on formula
racing. The goal for the next years is to establish one America and one
Asia women's event and this way bring formula closer to other centres of
the World.
Last year's edition was a very good experience and the outcome of 2003
schedule is the result of many weeks discussion between women sailors
themselves and their opinion on organization, weather conditions, etc. It
all shaped the general view on the needs of women's racing. We are hoping
that the calendar will be suitable to everyone interested to join Women
Cup circuit. For more quotes go to:

Following last years success, we are happy to invite all women who whish
to improve their Formula Windsurfing skills to join the Diva camp at Lake
Garda, Italy. Anyone can join ? no previous racing experience is needed!
Last year 14 women from 8 different countries joined the camp to improve
their skills, tune their equipment and share experiences. All levels were
present - from first-timers on Formula boards to the best girls in the
world. There was also plenty of time for everybody to get to know each
other better, both during the camp and afterwards during the Euro-cup, in
which most of the girls decided to participate.
The sailing club in Malcesine provided the perfect setting for the camp
with their helpful and friendly staff, and they are now looking forward to
host this year's camp.
The 4-day long camp will be coached by Brian Røgild (Starboard) and
Nikolaj Kruppa (Neil Pryde). At the camp you can improve your technique,
board speed, tactics, starts and much more. Participation fee is 100 euro,
which covers training, storage of equipment and accommodation.
The camp takes place just before this years first Women's FW Euro-cup at
Lake Garda, Malcesine (26/4-30/4). Lake Garda is the number one European
Formula Windsurfing test center. Blessed with stable wind conditions and
surrounded by mountains it is also one of the most beautiful places to
train and surely worth a visit.
The number of entries is limited to 25 women maximum. For more information see

Dorota Staszewska, current European, PWA, and World Formula Windsurfing
Woman's World Champion, joins the Gaastra team, along with Freestyle World
Champion Matt Pritchard, and Wave and Race World Champion Kevin Pritchard.

"Formula Windsurfing gained its popularity, but it needs a lot more
commitment to make it grow in future. Coming to the Gaastra team I have
chance to fill the gap for strong female part to push the sport harder. My
windsurfing career would not be possible without my parents and my
brother's patience with me, and help of many sponsors. I would like to
thank Neil Pryde for our last three years, which enabled me to climb to
the top" said Dorota.
"We are very excited to welcome Dorota to Gaastra. Her performance in
women's racing is an inspiration to all of us, and we are proud to support
Dorota. We want to encourage more women to get into the sport of
windsurfing, and feel that supporting Dorota is a step in the right
direction. Her goodwill reaches far beyond the race course" said Gaastra's
Matt Pritchard.
Soon you will be able to tune into the forum to ask Dorota any questions you can think of.

I"ll be now sailing and developing sails for Aerotech, this is for me a
new start after being working 11 years for Neil Pryde, this new challenge
will give me the opportunity to developpe new ideas with avery motivate
team. I'd like to thanks Neil Pryde for his support in the past as well
and of course a big thanks to the Aerotech team for this future
The Exocet team as well as the Select team will join their effort to bring
the most innovative product ever"

After seven successful years with Bic Sport, Kevin Pritchard has chosen to
join the ever expanding Starboard development program.
"Kevin is a great inspiration for us at Starboard, and we look forward to
working with him on our shapes. With our research crew, Tiesda You, Jim
Drake, Jean Louis Colmas, Scott Mc Kercher, Colin Siferlen and Ben
Severene, we are ready to take windsurfing to a new level. We see a
comeback of slalom in the future and Kevin also fits well into this
development. Kevin's race and wave sailing dedication, is second to none,
and we feel together we can bring new blood into the sport.
Starboards future goal is simply to ensure that we can deliver tomorrows
boards yesterday and to set in action any activities we possibly can to
evolve the attention and interest level for windsurfing. We wish to
increase the number of windsurfers by 5 times the current level by 2007
and we are setting in place large scale programs to achieve this goal."
Says Starboards Svein Rasmussen.
"I have been watching Starboard grow as a company throughout the years.
The positive energy that Starboard brings to windsurfing is great. I am
happy to work with a company that is as passionate about windsurfing as I
am. Starboard's innovative product line has some exciting areas that could
revolutionize the sport. I hope to bring many new World Title's to the
Starboard family!" said Kevin Pritchard

v Mistral & Raceboard Asian Championship
Penang, Malaysia ? March 8th > 14th
v Mistral & Raceboard North American Championship
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico ? March 11th > 16th
v 2003 Petit Navire European Fw Championships, Douarnenez, France, 3-8 May 2003
Notice of Race for the 2003 PETIT NAVIRE European FW CHAMPIONSHIPS, France
now available on the FW Site
Enter on-line:
v Mistral European Championship, Palermo Mondello, Sicily, Italy, May 5-14
Accomodation during the Mistral European championships can be booked
through Roberta Delfino at special rates. Roberta can send you a list of
all Hotels in Mondello where the race will take place and in Palermo,
close to Mondello.
Notice of race:
Enter on line:
v Formula Festival
Lake Garda, Italy - July 7th > 12th
- includes 2003 IFWC YOUTH WORLDS & Championship Formula Racing for Junior,
Espoir and Master
- Youth & Juniors compete on ASA boards (with limited rig sizes) taken from
the 2003 FW list (now on the IFWC website),
- Espoir & Masters equipment according to Class rules : any board from the
Official list
v Raceboard Worlds (inc 7.5 & Unlimited)
Greece ? July 19th > 26th
v Aloha, Mistral & Raceboard Junior, Youth & Masters Europeans
Puck, Poland ? August 2nd > 9th
v IFCA American Continentals
Freestyle, Formula and Slalom - Magdalen Islands - Canada Week ? August
25th > 30th
v Mistral Worlds
Cadiz, Spain ? September 11th > 22nd
v Formula Worlds
Sardinia, early October 2003.
v IFCA Worlds - Wave-Freestyle and Racing, Slalom
Hyeres, France in October - week 43
v Aloha, Mistral & Raceboard Junior, Youth & Masters Worlds
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico ? November 29th > Dec 6th

v The Windsurfing Event Calendar at:
v The New Windsurfing Euro Cup Website Is Online!
v Malcesine Windsurfing Euro?Cup 25-30 April 2003
Notice of Race now available:
v Leucate PWA Freestyle Qualifier - 19-24 APRIL 2003
For more information on the event please contact
v Classic Toro Andaluz 2003 PWA Freestyle Qualifier, 11-15 April 2003
The oldest windsurf competition in the world!!!
Contact information:
v Special Aloha Race
Special Aloha race 19-20 April, Larmor Plage near Lorient, Britanny,
FRANCE You can see all the details on our web site: A race to prepare the French young racer for French championship. It
lasts two days for 6 or 7 races.
v SXM Challenge in The Caribean, 20-23 March 2003
Saint-Martin, French West Indies
Details on:
v US Windsurfing Tour
For details contact Jaime Torres:
2003 USW National Racing Tour Coordinator
Tel. 787-728-8716 Cel. 787-640-0849
Or visit:

Formula Windsurfing:

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