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Azores - windsurf, bike, kayak triathlon

This is an international event and they say they will pay 1/2 of your airfare!XI edition of Triathalon Peter Café Sport - 26th of April 2003

Azores - in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

3 islands (S. Jorge, Pico e Faial)

3 races (Windsurf, BTT and Kayak)

12 milles of sea in windsurf from the island of São Jorge to the island of Pico

60 kms in bike

4 milles of sea in kayak from the island of Pico to the island of Faial

30 athletes from all over the world (5 from Azores islands, 5 from Madeira islands,
10 from the Mainland Portugal and 10 from the rest of the world)

Each athelet makes the three races

7500 ? of price money

The athletes only pay half of the plain ticket, all the rest it's pay by the

We already had, in other editions, athletes from Spain, France, Germany, Polan,
Brasil and USA.

The signing ups are opened until the end of March for foreign athelets.

Contact: website, email, fax: +351 292 391 287,
telefone: +351 292 292 327

Peter Café Sport

9900-027 Horta, Faial, Azores, Portugal

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