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AGM minutes and reports

Annual General Meeting of Windsurfing New Zealand Inc, Muritai Yacht Club, Eastbourne, Wellington. February 2nd 2003 at 6.35pm.
Present: A Katavich(Pres) H Irvine(Sec/ Treas) B Skinner,P Sawyer, J
Squires,B Spedding, L Watson, B Vierth.

Welcome, Meeting Declared Open.

Apologies. Jude Green. Lee Jones.B Kendall,Alvin Crosby,Allan
Taylor,James Dinnis, Adrian Roper.
Apologies Accepted Irvine/ Katavich.

Minutes of AGM 2002 Read & Confirmed. Squires/Katavich
Matters Arising Nil

Presidents Report
. As Attached
Secretary / Treasurer's Report.
.Treasurer's Report As Attached

Reports from Heads of Sub-Committees.
Racing Report,. As Attached.
Trend away from competition at present . Suggested that we involve other
disciplines which may bring increased participation. Possibly bring in
freestyle & slalom as a multi disciplinary approach. Between races at
Nationals run slalom events to attract public viewing. Try to get more
people at the bottom of the pyramid so that they move up.
Look at separate events targeting Slalom, Formula & Freestyle. However to
come to fruition this would require dedicated & enthusiastic man power.
Moved that a dedicated Slalom Nationals be brought into the programme.
Squires/ Skinner.

Reports from Regional Representatives & Regional Associations.
Central South Is, Allan Taylor.
Southern Lakes, Jude Green. As Attached.
Matters Arising: Possibility of the Industry pushing coaching & learn to
sail clinics/events as in the Canterbury report with the support of WNZ. It
is always a good idea to get the local community onside as well as having
a big name attraction. Do in conjunction with local body sports festivals.

Election of Officers for 2003-2004.
President, Anthony Katavich. Irvine/Roper
Vice President Adrian Roper Irvine/Katavich
Secretary, Helen Irvine Katavich/Taylor
Treasurer Helen Irvine Katavich/Taylor

Sub -Committees & Appointments
Racing: James Dinnis & Jono Squires Katavich/ Irvine.
Instruction: Ben Skinner Watson/ Katavich.
Head Coach. Bruce Kendall Katavich/ Irvine
Representative to Yachting New Zealand. Bruce Kendall Katavich/ Irvine
Internet & Website. Bruce Spedding Katavich/Irvine
Representative to N Z Watersafety Council: Ben Skinner Squires/ Katavich

Appointment of Regional Delegates.
Auckland, Luke Watson Katavich/ Irvine
Taranaki, James Dinnis Katavich/ Irvine
Wellington, Nick Hunn Squires/ Katavich
Central South Is, Allan Taylor Katavich/ Irvine
Southern Lakes Jude Green Katavich/ Irvine

Confirmation of Honorary Members.
Roger Tweddell,Grant Beck,Wendy Kendall, Mark Killip,Arthur Gatland,
Barry Biggs,Terry Vernon,Bruce Kendall, Aaron McIntosh,Barbara
Kendall-Bright,Bruce Spedding,Scott Fenton.

To be addressed at the Financial Meeting in June.

Membership. Currently 118 members (including Life & Honorary members).

General Business.
Ben Skinner. Valid Instructors card to be used .Suggestion also made that
a Log Book be instituted to be held by all Instructors as a signed record
of the hours spent Instructing to be used to re validate their Certificates.
B Skinner considered that all Instructors pay the yearly membership fee
of $30.00 to WNZ an excellent idea. It will be charged automatically in the
initial course fee & to retain qualification they must pay yearly. This
would keep contact details up to date.
B Skinner running another Instructor Course soon.

Secretary to contact S.Wickham, YNZ re affiliation.
Website. B Spedding has ideas for better use of the Website, more
information for members etc. To contact the President with the details.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.06 pm

Income to January 20 2003.doc
Regional Reports to AGM 2003.doc
2003 Windsurfing New Zealand Race Committee Report.doc

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