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WC 2001 on track

After a week in Crozon training the youth team we drove to Brest an hour away. Brest was the venue for the 98 Worlds, having spent so much time there in 98 I had to take Jay-Jay for look around, to my surprise the temperature got to 31 degrees a rarity for Brest. We stayed the night with some friends and moved on the next day to Marseille, 12 hours driving, 3 tanks of diesel and a few expensive rod tools we made it safelySo here we are in the city of Marseille on the Med in the South training. This will be the venue for the European Championships in 3 weeks time. . We are set up staying with a friend that I met here 2 years ago. It really is great staying in a home than in hotels or apartments. We leave our gear rigged up at the CMV, the Marseille Olympic yachting base.Things have progressed since my time in Scotland a month ago the temps are in the 30s and I have other Kiwis to train with. Jon Paul Tobin and James Wells are here to make up the kiwi team for now. The French and English are also here, which is making great training. We are currently training in the morning and by ourselves and then racing in the afternoon with everyone. The French have been running racing a series of mock races. I have had some good races of late, which has been a big confidence boost, showing that the training is going well. Having a first and third yesterday in the 6-8knot ranges, these conditions have always been tough for me.All in all it has been a good move to spend time here in Marseille conditions are perfect for good training, we have had a range of wind strengths and sea states with the temperatures in the 30+ range clocking up the hours has been easier.That’s all from me; life is good and very simple which is the way it needs to be in my training mode. Oh yes saw the movie Shriek two days ago. This is a must see. Hope all is well in NZ shall be in touch again soon.RegardsAaron and Jay-Jay

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