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Proposed agenda for 2003 WNZ AGM

Muritai Yacht Club, Eastbourne, Wellington. February 2nd 2003 at 6.30pm.
Agenda for Annual General Meeting of Windsurfing New Zealand Inc, Muritai Yacht Club, Eastbourne, Wellington. February 2nd 2003 at 6.30pm.

Welcome, Meeting Declared Open.

Apologies. Jude Green. Lee Jones, Bruce Kendall.

Minutes of AGM 2002 Read & Confirmed.
Matters Arising

Presidents Report.

Secretary / Treasurers Report.

Reports from Heads of Sub-Committees.
Matters Arising

Reports from Regional Representatives & Regional Associations.
Matters Arising

Election of Officers for 2003-2004.
President, Anthony Katavich.

Vice President Adrian Roper

Secretary, Helen Irvine

Treasure Helen Irvine

Nominations to Sub -Committees already received & Appointments

Racing. James Dinnis & Jono Squires
Katavich/ Irvine.


Head Coach. Bruce Kendall
Katavich/ Irvine

Representative to Yachting New Zealand.
Bruce Kendall

Internet & Website.
Bruce Spedding

Representative to N Z Watersafety Council.???

Youth Development Officer ???

Appointment of Regional Delegates.
Auckland, Luke Watson
Katavich/ Irvine


Mt Maunganui/Tauranga, ???

Taranaki, James Dinnis
Katavich/ Irvine

Wellington, ???

Central South Is, Allan Taylor
Katavich/ Irvine

Southern Lakes, Jude Green
Katavich/ Irvine

Any further nominations?
Above nominations & appointments to be confirmed.

Confirmation of Honorary Members.
Roger Tweddell,Grant Beck,Wendy Kendall, Mark Killip,Arthur Gatland, Barry Biggs,Terry Vernon,Bruce Kendall, Aaron McIntosh,Barbara Kendall-Bright, Adrian Roper.

Nomination as an Honorary Member of WNZ.
Bruce Spedding
Irvine/ Katavich.

Amendments & Alterations.There are two proposed alterations to the Constitution at the moment.

1/ Alteration to the date of the Annual Balance to September so that the AGM can be held no more than five months after this date as is a Constitutional requirement.

2/ Amend the Constitution to allow the position of Immediate Past President.
Neither of these amendments will be addressed at this AGM as the required 30 days notice to all members has not been done.They will be addressed at the special meeting that will be called at the end of the financial year.


General Business.

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