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My own stupid fault again...

Hi, sorry if I have been a little slack lately. I lost last week due to unforeseen circumstances.... I only just made it to my own birthday last week.I nearly died on a beach last Sunday week going about 100 km, no not kite surfing.... There are photos on the attached site below.. A few hours under the knife, a night in hospital, 8 weeks in a cast and I should be able to windsurf again. It has and will cost me a bit, but I got off lightly... Hmmm. Check the website and see if you can pick the pic taken just before it got My own stupid fault again...Must be a bit more careful....Shit it was fun though. Keen to go back... if they will let me. Felt bad about the mast, sorry Colin..Very lucky that I can still coach at the World Champs in Athens in August...Well.... Look forward to catching up soon.CheersBruce.

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