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Windsurfing NZ meeting minutes

Meeting of Windsurfing New Zealand.

Victoria Cruising Club, Auckland.

November 7 2002. @ 5.43 p.m.Attendance.

L.Jones, S. Wickham, CEO,YNZ., J, Squires, C Mosey, A Katavich. President, H. Irvine, Sec / Treasurer.

Apologies for lateness. L. Watson.


W.Kendall, B.Kendall. Apologies Accepted. Irvine / Katavich.


Inwards: All inwards correspondence is pertaining to Agenda & to be read in conjunction with.

Outwards: Agenda as emailed.


Refund to Wellington Windsurfing Assoc of Registration fee for the Nationals. Meeting felt that WNZ should be supporting the Nationals not charging them to Register.

Moved that WNZ refund $40.00 registration fee to WWA. Katavich / Irvine. Approved.

Accounts for Payment.

Wellington Windsurf Assoc. $40.00 Refund as approved

Victoria Cruising Club $30.00 Hall hire for Meeting.

H. Irvine $34.41 Food for Meeting

Total $104.41

Accounts Moved for Payment Irvine / Jones. Approved.

1/ Moved that the name be officially changed from New Zealand Windsurfing Association Incorporated to Windsurfing New Zealand Incorporated. Irvine / Katavich. Approved.

An Amendment to the Constitution will be proposed at the AGM in February 2003.

2/ Honoraria: Committee discussed the need to keep within the income of WNZ not gained from grants which in 2001 / 2002 was between $4000 & $5000.Any extra income gained through grants etc should be spent directly to benefit the sport.

Moved that Honoraria be paid to the Secretary / Treasurer & President on an Annual basis in March before the end of the financial year. Payment to be, President $500.00, Secretary / Treasurer $1000.00. Irvine / Jones. Approved.

An Amendment to the Constitution will be proposed at the AGM in February 2003.

3/ AGM of WNZ 2003. Suggested by S. Wickham that the AGM be held each year at the Nationals as is done for most sailing classes.

Moved that the AGM of WNZ be held in Wellington during the Nationals, possibly Sunday February 2nd at Muritai Yacht Club. Irvine / Katavich. Approved.

A Special General Meeting will be held each year in June to approve & discuss the financial Statement of WNZ.This may be done by teleconferencing to an approved venue & not involve travel.

An Amendment to the Constitution will be proposed at the AGM in February 2003.

4/ Fixed Assets. Moved that the fixed assets for WNZ be written off as scheduled & apart from the Fax Machine are to remain with W. Kendall. Irvine/ Watson. Approved.

5/ Nationals 2003: All going well & to time frame.

Classes agreed for nationals – Race (combined result of course and slalom racing) & Formula (result from Formula racing). Sub classes as follows – Race: Masters, Open, Junior, Silver & Women, Formula – Mens Open & Womens Open.

Rules to IFCA 2002 & 2002 Formula Rules.

6/ Instructor Courses, Method of Payment. Available funding reduced by at least 30% & no more funding available in the foreseeable future from Water Safety NZ. Discussion on whether capped funding/ set amount/ hourly rate should be used for Instructor Courses.

L Jones: It takes time to find venues & people but favours set amount for administration.

S.Wickham: Set Fee.

B.Skinner & L Jones to forward suggestions on a set fee.Will this cover travel?

Minimum numbers for break even.

WNZ needs a standard logbook for all Instructors.

Instructors to suggest protocols, how do you become & retain an Instructors Validation certificate. Does WNZ follow YNZ or RYA re Validation?

L.Jones, B.Skinner & Q. Drain to be asked for input with emphasis on safety.

7/ Moved that all Master Instructors & Instructors to be paid up Members of WNZ as part of the standard requirement for Certification. Katavich /Watson. Approved.

Moved that all Windsurf Schools should be members of WNZ, fee to be $50.00. Watson / Katavich, Approved.

Moved that all Windsurf Clubs / Windsurf Associations be members of WNZ,fee to be $50.00.Katavich / Watson. Approved.

8/ Kiteboard: Considerable discussion on safety knowledge & competence of those doing the Instruction.

Public Liability Insurance discussed.

Kiteboarding & their sailing venues discussed with emphasis on the safety of the public. Mission Bay felt to be unsuitable venue.

Maritime Safety, Jim Locke, should be approached for guidelines as to safety standards for New Zealand conditions by WNZ & Kiteboarders especially those who are running Kiteboard Schools. Schools.

Are Kiteboarders interested in a governing body?

Kiteboarders may be better to do their own thing?

Committee of WNZ is focused on Windsurfing as that is where the members major interest lies.

Moved: WNZ will no longer represent Kiteboarders / Kitesurfers due to a lack of input & interest from Kiteboarders / Kitesurfers.It is hoped that in the future Kiteboarders / Kitesurfers will form their own Association. Katavich / Jones. Approved.

9/ Direction for WNZ felt to be in the promotion & publicity areas.

Possibility of Insurance for WNZ members gear etc to be checked.

10/ General Business.

L. Jones to check affiliation fee to be charged to schools at time of inspection.

Payment for travel for School Inspections to be at the IRD rate of 62cents per kilometer.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8pm.

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