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2002 ISAF Test Event - Athens, Greece - Mistral Equipment

IMCO undertands that the Mistral One Design boards and rigs being supplied by Boards and More GmbH. for use at the 2002 ISAF Test Event in Athens, Greece will not be issued to competitors before August 10th. This is because the ISAF measurement team want to carry out a detailed measurement process

in advance of the event. In the meantime, IMCO have been informed by B&M that all of the equipment is for sale and therefore available for collection or delivery immediately after the ISAF Test Event is finished.

The price for each board and rig complete is Euro 1895 including local Greek sales tax and delivery to Greece only. If you would like to buy one or more complete boards, please contact Mistral's Greek National distributor on or Mistral's One Design project manager on . They would be happy to make the necessary arrangements including obtaining quotes for onward shipment to your selected destination (cost to your account)

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