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The Windsurfing Bible, a series of 16 books of instruction for beginning, intermediate and advanced windsurfers, is now available on the internet:

The books are in three sections:

1) Beginner Techniques and Light Wind Windsurfing

2) Intermediate Techniques and Moderate Wind Windsurfing

3) Advanced Techniques and High Wind Windsurfing

Five of the 16 books are free and the others start at $8. The books are in digital format and can be downloaded from the web site, which provides instant distribution to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The books teach every technique necessary to help a beginner become an advanced windsurfer. Each technique is thoroughly explained in 6 steps and the most common mistakes made in each step are also described. Hundreds of color illustrations help the learning.

Burr Hazen, the author, has taught windsurfing for over 20 years. During the 1980s he taught at The Sailboard School in Florida and, during the 1990s, at The Windsurfer's Castle in Bonaire.

Complimentary (free) copies of all books are available to the media upon request.

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