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Wintry Conditions in South to get Worse.

MetService forecasters have issued a new Special Weather Advisory for all southern districts. Bitterly cold southerly winds are expected to peak overSouthland and Otago on Tuesday morning.

"Wind chill is a measure of how much heat we lose when exposed to cold winds", commented MetService Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. "For the Otago coast on Tuesday morning we are forecasting air temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius,but with wind gusts over 100 kph this gives an effective wind chill temperature of as low as -13 degrees Celsius. This means anyone exposed to these conditions will lose as much heat as if they were in an industrial freezer set to -13 degrees Celsius."

The southern and eastern coasts are also expected to get a day or more of heavy southerly swells and surf. Low lying coastal areas are especially vulnerable around the time of high tide during the next few days.

Snowfalls of about 15cm are expected on southern coastal hills above the 300 metre altitude line. And inland areas are likely to experience moderate to severe frosts overnight in sheltered places.

"These cold windy conditions will probably ease after Thursday", said Mr. McDavitt, "but the frosts may last into Queen's Birthday weekend. Farmers, seafarers and other travellers are asked to keep up to date with MetService advisories and warnings."


For further information please contact:

Bob McDavitt Weather Ambassador (09)377 4831

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