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YNZ Bi-annual survey of clubs on its performance makes interesting reading

WNZ managed to get one question into the latest survey about windsurfing, and out of 85 clubs that replied 2 offered junior windsurfing instruction and 1 offered adult instruction. Ironically the perceived most successful strategic goal is winning medals (sic). Retention and growing membership in the youth age group (15-25) featured highly as a priority (sic again).

Results of YNZ biannual survey

Total club membership is down about 10% on 2009
Female membership remains consistent at about 29%
Junior membership stable at 9%, Youth up to 7% from 5% (but taking into account 10% total drop numbers are pretty static)
Strategic goals - lifelong participation is seen as most important, winning medals seen as least important
Performance at achieving goals: Medals is significant leader, promotion, participation least successful
Out of 85 respondents, 54 offer junior dingy, 2 junior windsurfing, 31 adult dingy, 1 adult windsurfing
31% of clubs that used trained instructors payed them
34 clubs hosted Sailing-Have a go, of these 15 gained new members - 50% of these only had 2-4 participants, quite small

Very hard to summarise all the feedback - but its apparent that membership retention and growth , particularly in the youth area (15-25 years) is of concern

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