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WNZ Instructor 2 day course

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 09:00 - Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 18:00

Cost: $350 Date: 11-12th Oct
Master Instructor: Peter Head Venue: TYPBC, Tauranga
This is an 18 hour course which runs from 9-6pm on both days each day (times may vary to suit the progress of the group). This allows full content of course to be learned and practiced thoroughly before Instructors gain their qualification and teach 'real' students, and for the course timetable to be tailored to make the best of the weather and tide conditions.
The course is based on the RYA teaching system, but has been simplified for New Zealand conditions, and uses a teaching method developed here which has proven effective. It is recognised and encouraged by YachtingNZ.

The resulting information and skills are taught over quite a short period of time resulting in a very intensive course but one which trains candidates to an international level of skill in windsurfing instruction. By the end of the course, candidates will know how to teach a group of beginners to get going on a windsurfer within two hours, and will
have the knowledge to run a windsurfing class efficiently and safely. They will also hold a Windsurfing NZ Instructors certificate and ID. Badge which recommends them as a highly trained instructor and is recognised internationally.
Before enrolling in the Windsurfing NZ Instructors Course, the candidates must:
1 be at least 18 years of age (ie. certificates will not be issued until 18th birthday, can teach as an assistant or under supervision),
2 have experience of first aid or hold a current first aid certificate,
3 have competent long-board handling skills,
4 have reasonable knowledge of safe powerboat operation.
Our Instructors Qualifications has added endorsements for First Aid Training and Power Boat Handling. For details of courses to qualify for these endorsements ask your Master Instructor.
Model students will be present for candidates to teach. Progress will be continually assessed as andidates learn the following skills:
1 Competent teaching on simulator and water,
2 Effective communication in a variety of situations,
3 Use of different aids on water, boat, board etc,
4 Expertise in windsurfing skill and seamanship,
5 Handling of a powerboat in a variety of conditions,
6 Maintenance of safety.
1 must pass the Instructors Practical exam,
2 must gain an 80% pass or over in the Instructors Theory exam,
3 must have become a safety conscious and knowledgeable instructor.
IF CANDIDATES FAIL TO COMPLETE ALL REQUIREMENTS, they will have one year in which to complete that requirement.
Once qualified, Instructors will receive a certificate and an identification badge. They are
encouraged to keep a personal diary or logbook and to keep up to date with innovation in
equipment or technique. They will have a responsibility to promote the image of windsurfing as a
healthy and safe sport.
Windsurfing NZ Instructors will be required to renew their qualification every five years, by participating as an assistant during one full day at a current Instructors Course or by private reassessment with a WNZ Master Instructor. Reminders will be sent to Windsurfing NZ Instructors whose qualification is due to expire informing them of their need to renew.
1 A wetsuit
2 Rain and wind proof clothing
3 A belt bag containing: 6m towline, whistle, penknife, triangular bandage and dayglow flag - Candidates who fail to bring a complete belt bag will not receive certificates!
4 Note book, pen and pad
5 Basic Teaching System Booklet and Instructors Manual (to be issued on enrolment), and familiarity of the booklet and manual
6 A pre-prepared 10 min. lecture aimed at beginners. The topic will be designated upon enrolment.
7 Your completed pre-course theory questionnaire paper. (issued on enrolment)
8 Two passport size photos (for Windsurfing NZ Instructor ID badge and records)
9 Proof of First Aid Certificate or plan for when this is to be taken.
10 Remainder of course fee -$250.
PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN TO: Windsurfing NZ, c/o Sue Bradley, 11 Crows Nest Rd, RD 1, Queenstown. At LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE COURSE

These details plus application form can be downloaded below

instruct__course__enrol_doc_10th_11th_oct_tga.pdf32.95 KB

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