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WNZ extends it's sympathy to Ken Kingsbury and family

I have just received a sad message from Ken Kingsbury to say his wife Elizabeth has passed away after a long illness. I had the opportunity to spend time with Ken and his wife when I attended a 5 day windsurfing instructors course in Rotorua - Ken was at that time the WNZ Chief Instructor and ran a windsurfing school on the edge of the lake. I well remember their hospitality at the time - and we met up again a few years ago in Rarotonga where they moved later. Our sympathy goes out to Ken and his sons Guy and Simon, and if anyone would like to contact them please contact me for Kens email address.

Ken wrote:
Dear friends,
My wife of nearly 48 yrs, Elizabeth lost her battle against a bad illness and died on Friday afternoon.
I was privileged to be able to make her last weeks more comfortable by nursing her at home. This included giving her a hour or more in a wheelchair on Christmas day so that she was able to participate in opening the cards and presents and to get a glimpse of the garden and feel a bit of sunshine.
Shortly after this she slid into a coma and seemed to escape from most of the pain she had born so valiantly for so long.
Her operation to remove a cancer had given us another 23 yrs of mostly good life and enabled her to see her 4 grandsons growing up.
Our two sons, Guy and Simon and I will be sharing the celebration of her life with others at St Paul's Catholic church at 4.00 pm on Wednesday 4th January and all are welcome.
I will apologise in advance for not being good at receiving condolences in person but assure you that all your efforts are appreciated.
Ken Kingsbury.

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