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WNZ email newsletter

The newsletter has developed extensive readership in NZ and overseas. We have had helpful feedback about the content of the newsletter and to ensure that the newsletter provides relevant content and allows any brand related information to be fairly presented, we have created some rules. The objective of the newsletter share news about events, industry and product news to WNZ members and to the wider windsurf community both in New Zealand and internationally.

WNZ aims to publish the WNZ email newsletter once a month. The newsletter will contain news and tips, personal accounts, product and service reviews, a new products and services section and some adverts.

We welcome contributions from everyone to our newsletter.

Adverts and some other content will need to be paid for. You can read guidelines and rate sheet below.

Newsletter guidelines (pdf)
Newsletter guidelines (MSWord)
Newsletter Rate Sheet (pdf)
Newsletter Rate Sheet (MSWord)

If you have any enquiries contact us: Newsletter Enquiry

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