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Windsurfing NZ Presidents report and Financials for AGM 2011

Attached is a summary with comments of Windsurfing NZ activities over the past 12 months from my perspective. Also attached is the financial report to 31 Jan 2011 plus some commentary in relation to this. Please review these and provide feedback either by email or directly at the AGM in Christchurch. Any feedback related to windsurfing, Windsurfing NZ etc. will be appreciated even if its not covered in these documents. The report is also readable online.

Presidents Report 2010-2011

This is a brief mind dump of whats happened since the last AGM.

We decided at the 2010 AGM in Dunedin to push to get more focus and membership on clubs and away from Windsurfing NZ which had become a defacto club over the last few years. The decision was to to make membership of Windsurfing NZ, and issuing sail numbers etc. free to to anyone belonging to an affiliated club. We decided to support clubs running events by funding a trial year of third party insurance for windsurfing events for all affiliated clubs. We also decided to focus on promoting windsurfing as a recreation to boost participation. So how did it go?

We now have seven active windsurfing or windsports clubs, including the recent addition of Wind Addiction in the Bay of Plenty who reversed the trend by being a kite club who have taken on windsurfers. We are also more actively engaged with the Techno and RS:X class associations and hopefully this will develop furthyer. There has been an excellent amount of activities from all the clubs, with many events, both social and competitive.

Promotion of these events on the internet has been pretty successful and hopefully raised the profile of the sport and the organisations, many events have been viewed 20,000 times or more on major NZ and overseas web sites, and news and stories are frequently appearing on high profile sports sites. The Windsurfing NZ web site, club and class websites, Facebook, Twitter and Eventfinder have been very effective in this. We have attempted to acknowledge all our sponsors in this process as well, an important factor in gaining and retaining this support.

WNZ made application to SPARC for funding for a number of initiatives, the main one being appointment of a full time coordinator for 3 years to facilitate getting windsurfing on an equal footing with yachting in local yacht clubs. This was proposed as a joint venture with Yachting NZ. SPARC accepted the initial concept so we then approached YNZ to join the bid and put together a more detailed proposal. Disappointingly the proposal was finally turned down after several meetings, but the process has been valuable in fleshing out a structure we can follow, and we will continue to talk to YNZ, SPARC and other bodies based on this. The full details of the proposal are available on the website. I hope to have some constructive discussions with the new YNZ CEO soon on this.

The third party / public liability insurance scheme was finally sorted out and we have signed up for a year – at the end of this time we will ask for feedback on it and decide if it is worth continuing, and on what basis. It was extended to include kiteboarding as well as windsurfing as combined events are becoming more common, especially in the windsports clubs.

There have been a number of advocacy issues during the year, Southern Lakes Windriders had issues over their sailing location at Jardines, and WNZ was contacted about an ongoing environmantal issue mainly concerning kiteboarding in Northland. Submissions on other issues such as marine farming and a proposed Ocean Sports Centre in Wellington have also been made. WZ has an ongoing representation with Water Safety NZ as well as other bodies from time to time.

The ISAF has in it's 'wisdom' decided to pit windsurfing against kiteboarding as future Olympic sports within sailing so the future of both sports in this context is currently unknown.

Windsurfing instructor training has continued, and the Windsurfing School registration scheme has been re-established and is currently being implemented.

As part of our program to promote windsurfing we decided to have a National Windsurfing Week. With a variety of goals to achieve we decided to have an initial 'lightweight' campaign at the start of the season followed up by a more comprehensive 'Have a go' week later in the year (around now in fact). The initial campaign ('Life's a breeze – windsurf into summer) was quite successful thanks to the clubs organising various social events in their regions. Unfortunately the second campaign has foundered somewhat owing to the SPARC funding not coming through plus lack of time / energy, but definitely scheduling again for next season.

I want to acknowledge the excellent work done by Sue Bradley in the instruction and certification area, backed up by Pete Smith and Peter Head who also ran courses.

I also want to thank Anton Blijlevens who has worked tirelessly on getting the insurance sorted and risk mangement processes documented.

Also thanks to Paul Vlietstra who was secretary again, on top of his work with the Dunedin Club and the Nationals, and Tony Limburg who holds it together as treasurer.

And finally all those people who run the clubs and organise the events, doesn't make much sense without you guys!

Bruce Spedding, 9/2/2011

Some issues to consider going forward:

Review the approach we have taken over the last year regarding funding and membership – has it worked, should be continue, should we make changes and if so what?

Insurance – worthwhile? Continue? What basis?

Event coordination / national calendar – how can we manage this better?

Kiteboarding – maintain the status quo or change?

Yachting NZ / SPARC funding – keep trying or different approach? Other funding?

Promotion , marketing / sponsorship etc. - changes, ideas?

Anything else … ?

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