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Windsurfing New Zealand Free Insurance cover for affiliated clubs to be continued

The Public Liability Insurance trialed in 2010-2011 is to be repeated in 2011-2012. This cover is free to all local events run by affiliated clubs, and covers windsurfing events (and kites). National competitions require a levy of $5 per entrant. There are a number of requirements to get cover, but WNZ will help with this. Read on for details...

To ensure that no gaps are created in the insurance cover, event organisers must comply with WNZ requirements. Some key points in this regard are:

  • Your event must become sanctioned by WNZ before the event commences.
  • You may be required to submit a Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, which WNZ will work with you on
  • You may also need to prepare a risk management plan for approval by WNZ.
  • Competitors in competitive events must be members of WNZ or an affiliated club.
  • Any national event must also include a levy* in the entry fee to help pay the costs of the insurance cover.
  • You must acknowledge WNZ as a sponsor of the event, including a logo** and link to

* levy is currently $5 per entrant, total cost of insurance policy is currently approx $2500 p.a.
** a variety of logo images are supplied in the zip file below.

Don't be daunted by the documentation, WNZ can help provide examples to adapt, and your event will run better if you plan properly.

More on the WNZ Insurance scheme

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