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Windsurfing Instructor/Schools Update - Adventure Activities legislation

This legislation has been in the pipeline for some time - driven largely by a few high profile fatal accidents in the 'adventure tourism' sector - where people with essentially no previous skills pay to experience risk but expect to be completely safe. Unfortunately sports sports and activities like ours have been caught in the backlash, and despite the fact that we have for many years had a variety of standards in place we are still subject to this 'lowest common denominator' legislation. The main issue I think for our sport is not meeting the safety requirements, windsurfing has an enviable safety record, it's the cost of meeting the audit requirements which for many of our smaller operators could make operating a business non-viable.

Although the decision as to whether you or your business falls under this legislation and what level of compliance is needed is still up to you, the following informed contributions should help.

The information is available on request - but a Google Group has been created with the information and other issues/topics of interest for instructors, schools and the industry - and ideally you can use this.

It would be great if all those concerned to join this group and communicate/share directly - Windsurfing NZ can provide support and advocacy as and where required, but the industry needs to provide direction.

Some of you may have received invitations already to join this group - if you haven't, please request to join either through the group page, or contact me (Bruce Spedding) and I'll do my best to get you set up.

Click the link below to go to the group:!forum/windsurfing-new-zealand---schools-and-instructors

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