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Windsurfing Development - Follow up meeting (29th October)

Windsurfing Development - Follow up meeting (29th October)
Attending: Dave Mackay, Bruce Kendall, Chris Wood, Grant Beck, Rob Hielkema, Andrew Clouston



Developing a clear pathway is critical. It then needs to be published and distributed.

Suggested Pathway

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Race Management

There needs to be some education of officials in this area. Race Officers should try and keep boards racing rather than having them sit around between races waiting for other classes to finish.

· Talk to John and Linda Parrish about incorporating a section on running racing for windsurfers into their National Race Officer seminar. This information can also be distributed to race officers that do not attend the seminars.

Overseas Travel

There are opportunities within the Techno class for sailors to attend overseas regattas including the worlds. These regattas could be used to incentivise participation in the class much like the Optimist class has done.


There are possible opportunities for clubs to access the new Kiwisport funding from the Government. Kiwisport funding is about more kids, more opportunities and better skills and linking clubs with schools so that kids keep participating after school. The funding is managed through the individual Regional Sports Trusts (Harbour Sport, Sport Auckland, etc.); each RST had a pool of money to invest in initiatives that will get more kids participating in formal sport which includes windsurfing. Clubs will need to get in touch with their RST about how they might access that funding, every region will be different. Below are some initiates that clubs might be able to set up to get windsurfing happening at their club:

· A yacht club arranges some windsurfing instruction with a windsurfing school or at the yacht club. The club then approaches local schools to have kids come to the club or windsurf school and take windsurfing lessons. The Kiwisport funding can be used to cover the cost of the lessons at the windsurfing school or the coaching fees for the yacht club coach. This will help introduce kids to windsurfing and the yacht club. The yacht club will need to be able to offer something for the kids once they progress past the learn to windsurf stage.

· A club could use some Kiwisport funding to purchase come equipment (Technos with 4.5 rigs and short fins). The club can then go to schools and offer learn to windsurf lessons to the school students. As the students develop this could move in the direction of setting up a competition for these students. Aim at the secondary school level. Not all regions are allowing the funding to be used to buy capital items. In this case you could use community trust or gaming foundation funding to purchase the equipment.

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