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Windsurfer travels 553 km in 25 hours

THEY say you can achieve a lot in 24 hours, but only Craig Hollins can claim to have windsurfed more than 500 kilometres in a single day. The Wonthaggi windsurfer was on his board from 6.30am on Tuesday until 7.30am on Wednesday as he set the world record for distance over 24 hours. In total, he travelled 553 kilometres in 25 hours.

Hollins said he never felt exhausted.

Advertisement: Story continues below ''The conditions I had were ideal and everything came together at the right time,'' he said.

The park ranger broke the previous record of 518 kilometres by doing laps around Sandy Point in Gippsland, which he called the MCG of windsurfing. Every three hours he took a 15-minute break to rest and eat.

The record looked in doubt when the wind died down at 1.30am, when he was just 28 kilometres shy of it.

''To come so close and have the wind die, you can yell and jump up and down, but there's nothing to be done,'' he said. The wind picked up again about 4am and he beat the record by more than 20 kilometres.

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