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The fin is one of the smallest components of a windsurfer, but in many respects it's one of the most critical when performance becomes an issue.

In simple terms, the fin in the water is the complement to the sail in the air, they balance each other. The obvious difference in size is a reflection of the different density of air and water, the more dense medium generates much more lift. When you compare the size of the sail and its matching fin its a pretty impressive contrast, but it also explains why the size of the fin is important, and why, when things don't 'feel right' the fin may be the place to start.

Technically a fin is a symmetric hydrofoil, or since it works in water. Aeroplane wings (and windsurfer sails) tend to be asymetric, with the two surfaces (upper and lower) having different curves. A windsurfing fin however does not have a top and bottom, it has to work in both directions, hence it is symmetrical and relies on the angle of attack to generate lift.

The technical

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