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Wind week + Techno launch

Thursday, December 3, 2009 (All day) - Sunday, December 13, 2009 (All day)

A series of windsurfing-related events is scheduled for the week-and-a-bit from Thursday 3 December to Sunday 13 December, to announce the arrival of competitive youth windsurfing in Tauranga.

The events, collectively dubbed ‘Wind Week’ follow the purchase of six new Bic Techno racing boards by the Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy, a charitable trust which has been active in developing dinghy sailing in Tauranga since 2004. The boards, generously funded by TECT, are intended to form the core of a regular youth racing fleet alongside the sailing dinghies at the Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club. To this end, the Sailing Academy has been promoting a ‘Learn to Windsurf’ course at Kulim Park and 11 budding sailors aged 13 to 16 are about to graduate. Another after school course will be run in term one of next year.

Wind Week begins with the launch of the new boards and culminates in the inaugural North Island championships for Techno and RS:X class windsurfers at the yacht club. The full programme of events is as follows:

* Thursday 3 December 4.30pm – official launch of the Techno boards at Takapuna
* Saturday 5 December 9am – official launch of the boards, chance for young windsurfers to try them out, TYPBC
* Sunday 6 December – 10am introduction to racing, race training at TYPBC
* Thursday 10 - Friday 11 December 10am – zone clinic with Akld and Chch sailors at TYPBC
* Friday evening 7pm – Tom Ashley speaking at Commodore’s Cocktails, TYPBC
* Saturday-Sunday 12-13 December – North Island Techno/RS:X Champs, TYPBC

The six new boards are being named after six of New Zealand’s windsurfing legends, all of whom have been world champions or Olympic medallists: Bruce Kendall, Santha Patel, Aaron McIntosh, Barbara Kendall, Scott Fenton and Tom Ashley. Four of them are currently in New Zealand and expected to attend the Takapuna launch, which will include a ‘Race of Legends’ at 5pm on Thursday 3rd December.

Then on Saturday 5th December the boards will be in Tauranga and there will be an official launch at 9.30am in front of the yacht club. This will be immediately followed by the chance for the Bay’s budding young windsurfers to try the new gear, which will then be available to be chartered to some of them on concessional terms for the regatta and the rest of the season. Those charterers will have their first training session on the Technos the following day.

Yachting New Zealand are coming to the party with a two day ‘zone clinic’ at Tauranga on the Thursday and Friday leading up to the regatta. This is for youth sailors on both Techno and RS:X, with professional coaches running the clinic at no charge to the sailors. At the same time, both men’s and women’s elite squads are expected here for their own training camp. The harbour will be positively alive!

On Friday night at the Yacht Club Tom Ashley will be giving a brief talk about how to win a gold medal, aimed at young yacht club sailors and their parents, as part of the regular members-only ‘Commodore’s Cocktails’ evening.

This is followed by the regatta, which is the first ever North Island Champs for Techno and RS:X boards. The Techno is the international youth racing class for under-15s and under-17s. The RS:X is the Olympic class board on which Tom Ashley won gold for New Zealand in China last year, and the country’s top sailors, including Tom and the national champion, Whakatane-born JP Tobin are expected to be racing.

Windsurfing is a spectacular sport and during the regatta, some of the world’s best windsurfing talent will be on display on our beautiful harbour. Members of the public are welcome to catch the action down at Sulphur Point from around 11am Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December. Those going out on the harbour in boats will see more, but should be aware that if there is reasonable wind, the boards will be travelling quite fast and spectator boats need to keep well clear. The best viewing will likely be had by anchoring just upwind of the top mark on each course. At this stage it is expected that the Technos will be racing off Sulphur Point while the RS:X will be between Kulim Park and Matakana Island.


Oh I missed this occasion. I

Oh I missed this occasion. I wanted to attend t but not in the town at that time. Please give me the details of the function if possible.
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missed out

Wow, spectacular activity. I never had the chance to join you guys. I was out of town that month. I was on a trip for my class and at the same time, doing my custom paper of surfing classes. Wish I could join this year and don't miss anything fun.

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