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Westpac Chopper Challenge completed

After a couple of months of indifferent weather and a couple of attempts coming up short I have finally managed to complete my 100km challenge! Feels good, and I recommend something similar to others as a way to raise funds for a charity. Look foward to me issuing some sort of challenge next year!

Done! After several weeks of unhelpful weather the days are starting to get longer and the spring equinoxial gales are arriving. Last weekend was my first blowout for a while so I just went out and had a blast. This weekend looked promising, Saturday didn't rise to the occasion, I ended up having a play on my 6.5m but nothing really developed. Today (Sunday) was promising but started to fail about noon - I decided to go anyway and just see what developed. Equipped with 2xGPS + HRM, mobile phone and a hi-viz jacket tucked into my harness I set off. Despite being a bit light at times it seemed promising as I worked my way up the harbour, headed across to Evans Bay initially but wind failed and I turned back, next attempt I encountered a ferry and got out of its way. Headed up towards Pt Howard with the plan to go across to petone Wharf, but wind got very inconsistent at Pt Howard and after being in the water for about 10 minutes at one stage as the wind dropped I headed back down. Plenty of lulls as well as gusts. Stopped at the Rugby Club to check my GPS, couldn't read the distance so kept sailing anyway until the wind dropped and was struggling. Came home and checked the GPS to find I'd sailed 105km! Just enough. Surprising good state, not tired or sore but will sleep well tonight I guess. Thanks for the support everyone, great cause.

Because this is GPS based a fund raising challenge like this can be completed by several sailors ate different times and places, and of course it could be time based rather than distance.

You can still donate!

Cheers, Bruce.

I found one day after wearing my GPS I'd sailed about 80km, so when the Westpac Chopper Appeal came around, and I saw that several groups were getting sponsorship to bike long distances I decided there was an opportunity to do the same, only on a windsurfer.
Almost immediately I started to think I might have overstepped the mark, mainly because every time I went sailing the 100km was on my mind, and I felt a bit selfish if I just wanted to go and have a blast, conditions weren't quite right etc. I had a couple of attempts, the best day I had was 75km but the wind got up so strong I struggled to get home, and I was beginning to think it might stretch a long way into spring before I would be able to complete it. As it turns out, I squeaked in on my most recent attempt, lucky I didn't stop even 10 minutes sooner!

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