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Wellington Windsurfing Association news - June 2010

With the season coming to an end and me returning to the tropical
shores of the UK, my final news letter reflects on the fact that the Windy
City decided to be less than abiding when it came to blowing on event

In fact this year we had to cancel two Freewaves, two Slalom days,
grovelled in the Harbour Blast and got lots of use of our other toys at
Lake Ferry … that’s 7 weekend days with no wind.

This news is also available as a pdf to download with pictures ...

In the last three years the Harbour Blast always provides excitement for
the rescue craft whatever the wind. This year we had a huge amount of
sailors entering, only to be doubled by every kitesurfer and their dog. The
one thing we didn’t have was wind.

However we did manage to run the race and had 19 finishers. The
defending champion James was piped at the post by Clayton this year.
Despite the lack of wind, the event atmosphere was just great. There
was a huge turnout to both the race and the after event social and prize

Thank you to all the people helping on the day, the rescue craft and the
extra assistance provided by the Police and Coast Guard picking many
bobbing sailors out of the harbour.

As with the theme of this newsletter Lake Ferry and the Palliser coast
line was untypically bathed in Sunshine and some light breezes.
However this attracted one of the largest turn-outs in the last few years
although could have been mistaken for a surfing (and SUPing) club road

We had a great social on Saturday night and so good to see a lot of new
members. If you haven’t already check out the sessions from Chris,
Digby, Myself and Anton’s first SUP at Whatarangi

We have been very busy for the last couple of months re-vamping the
WWA website and it will launched in the next month or so.
The website will be primarily there to provide information on WWA news,
events and links to local resources such as forums, spot guides, weather,
waves and shops.

We are also moving the membership management online and soon you
will receive an email about how to log on. You can update you contact
information, set your preferences on what you want to hear about and
register for WWA events. Everyone will be able to join or renew their
membership online and pay by Credit/Debit card.

Huge thanks to Merel Rip and Mike Bourke for the work in building the
site and to Daryl Neal for managing the old site for the last
couple of years.

Watch this space and please provide feedback.

So as most of you know by now (particularly if you have read the opening
paragraph!), after nearly three years I’m going back to the UK.
I have really enjoyed my time here and after returning to Windsurfing
around four years, I soon realised I’d came to a great location in terms of
wind, waves, accessibility and the great crew involved in the sport.
I’m probably more enthused by the sport now than when I started -
sailing in the mid-eighties amongst a couple of hundred people in Poole
Harbour! And although Wellington has been a great place to live I’m very
excited about going back and sailing new spots – in fact I’ve already got
a road trip planned to Tiree in October!

In terms of the WWA, we are always in need of volunteers to help
organise and run events, write content for our website and work with
local authorities to ensure we get a say in what happens on and around
our sailing spots. Please do put your hand up, even the smallest
contributions really help.

So now it’s time to say farewell and wish you a great sailing season
ahead and I’m sure I’ll be back here on holiday in the not too distant
future, keep in touch and connect to me on facebook, linkedin and/or

Duncan Williams on behalf of the Wellington Windsurfing Association

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