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Wellington Harbour consultations - Airport extension and Container ship access dredging

Just a heads up - Centre Port started a consultation process and will be releasing details on Thursday. The proposal includes dredging around Aotea Wharf, and deepening of the entrance to Wellington to allow larger container ships to dock.
The first pre-consultation meeting was last night in Eastbourne. Why? Because possibly the most dramatic impact will be the effect on surf conditions along the Eastern Bays, potentially by 80% (reduction)! There will also be changes on the Seatoun side.
I recommend anyone interested in the harbour from an environmental or recreational perspective, whatever your sport, get along to a meeting, or get informed online. I'll post more information as it becomes available.
Coming alongside the proposed airport extension it seems like surf related activities are under siege, so get involved! It's obvious from the meeting last night that the people present are living here for the lifestyle values, not the economic benefits - so if that's you, it's worth making your voice heard.

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