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Updates from YNZ - Aquaculture in New Zealand, Foreshore and Seabed Act

Aquaculture in New Zealand – an update

Yachting New Zealand is currently working to represent the best interests of yachties and boaties as the Government reviews New Zealand’s Aquaculture policy (Windsurfing NZ also made submissions). Des Brennan, Chief Executive updates us with the latest....

The Government recently announced the results of its consideration of its Technical Advisory Group’s report to kick-start Aquaculture.

Aquaculture was specifically mentioned in the Finance Minister’s Executive Summary of the Budget in relation to ‘removing the barriers to key growth sectors’. YNZ and other groups made submissions on the TAG proposals late last year and disappointingly little of what we recommend appears to have been adopted so far.

Last week I met officials from Environment and Fisheries with respect to the Government’s announcement on Aquaculture. The concern I expressed was that most of what we had recommended appeared to have been ignored. However we usefully discussed how a suitable consultative model could be established prior to the RMA process, so that unnecessary legal costs could be avoided later on for all parties.

Yachting New Zealand is not against Aquaculture and supports initiatives for economic growth. YNZ simply wants to make sure that marine farms located in the coastal marine area away from areas of high recreational value. We have also broadly identified these areas in our original submission.

I presented the National Pleasure Boat Safety Forum model (sponsored by Maritime New Zealand) as a very productive example. There was I think genuine interest in this approach and a willingness to keep the lines of communications open with YNZ. It is clearly important in any planning that YNZ is involved and that the allocation of public space in the coastal marine area is based upon sound principles and reasonable consultation. The Aquaculture sector must be accountable for the efficacy of its performance environmentally, economically and socially.

Des Brennan
Chief Executive

Foreshore and Seabed Act Review

Yachting New Zealand is speaking up on behalf of yachties and boaties on the matter of the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004. The Government is reviewing the Act and input was requested with a deadline of Friday 30th April.

“This has great significance for our members and the wider boating community,” says Chief Executive, Des Brennan.

Yachting New Zealand’s submission can now be viewed on our website.

Yachting New Zealand’s aim is to ensure that New Zealand’s coastline continues to be available to yachties and boaties for recreational enjoyment.

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