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UK windsurfers will map marine conservation zones - scope for a similar project in New Zealand?

Windsurfers are being asked to help in a project that uses an interactive map to record how British waters are used, in an effort to identify potential sites for Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs).

The Marine Conservation Zone Project is a partnership project working with people who use the sea for their livelihood or leisure to identify Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs).

The Project area has been split into four regional MCZ projects covering the south-west (Finding Sanctuary), Irish Sea (Irish Sea Conservation Zones), North Sea (Net Gain) and south-east (Balanced Seas).

The information you share will be used by your representatives on the regional project stakeholder groups to plan Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). The aim is for MCZs to have the least impact possible on people’s activities, although the recommendations for MCZs will need to meet national guidelines for protecting species, habitats, geography and geomorphology.

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