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Tip: unjamming corroded zips - try vinegar

If there's one item of gear that fails more often than anything else its the zips on sail and board bags. Why manufacturers can't spend the extra (does it cost more?) few cents to put in zippers with plastic sliders is beyond me. Virtually every sail and board bag I have has a stuffed zipper.

The only time I have not had a problem is with some multi-sails I had (sails with panels that zipped off to change sizes). These had robust all plastic zips which never gave any problems.

A week ago I took my SUP down to the beach to go for a paddle and couldn't get either of the zips open on the 'as new' bag - I hadn't had the board out for a couple of months. In the end I just went home again as I was reluctant to risk breaking the zips.

I suspected that vinegar might dissolve the corrosion products, so a quick Google today confirmed this as an option - one cap full of white vinegar later I have freed up both zips, so a paddle is definitely on the cards unless the mediocre SE we currently have picks up.

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