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Tauranga Windsurfers need your support - Kulim Park under threat.

One of the key roles of Windsurfing NZ is to advocate for our windsurfers on various issues, it can get a bit lonely at times so having national scrutiny and support is important. Read the concerns they have about the proposed changes, then let the council know that it matters, that the outside is watching.
Having just returned from a great event and weekend at this very location it's hard to understand how the proposed changes make no acknowledgement of our activities but seem to be somewhat determined to undermine them.


Kulim Park Launching spot WILL be LOST unless you put in a submission!

As part of the Tauranga City Council Kulim Park Upgrade, they are seeking out feedback and submissions from users and the community.
One part of the proposal is to redirect the main road in the park and bollard off grass areas. Reducing car parking to about 25 spaces.
The worst part is they propose to move the bollards on the point where we sail from towards the water thus reducing rigging space and sending all the park users to park out here!!
If they do this there will not be enough space for Kites to be rigged up and launched, we will loose our car park on the point to the other park users, and they want to block off the beach access with rocks.

Tauranga Windsurfing Incorporated as a club are meeting with the Tauranga City Council team along with the Kite Boarder community and have ensured that the Yacht Club who own the boat shed on the point also know of what is happening.

You need to personally submit feedback so that our numbers are heard. Attached is the link to the TCC Kulim Park Upgrade website page.

Quick link to the plan

This Saturday (26th October) between 10:30am and 1:30pm they will be at the park asking the public for their thoughts and ideas of the proposed plans and changes. They want feedback, your thoughts and point of view.
this is the LAST chance we will get to ensure that we retain access to Kulim point so we can continue enjoying our sport from there all year round.
Please share this post to spread the word with anyone from Tauranga who uses the park.

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