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Taranaki Wave Classic 2010 – it’s already huge and primo conditions are happening.

TWC 2010 is ready to rock, with an awesome Carbon Art waveboard lined up as the major spot prize and an all-time combination of pristine wavesailing, partying, fun and great prizes at the ready. Make sure to get your TWC 2010 registration in before September 30; it’s the only way to lay hands on this year’s ‘must have’ fashion item: the one and only TWC 2010 T-shirt.

The massive storm that recently blew New Zealand halfway to Fiji (so why isn’t it warmer now?) has produced some dynamite wavesailing conditions on the Taranaki coast. Lucky locals are enjoying some great waveriding and jumping – as big and challenging as anyone wants to make it for themselves at the moment, and looking set to continue for some time yet. There have also been confirmed sightings of wavesailors from far a field; making covert missions to enjoy Taranaki’s wavesailing gems and getting in a bit of sneaky practice ahead of time. An excellent idea really! And no matter what your wavesailing ability is, the TWC will give you the opportunity to improve your level, meet your fellow wave addicts and see New Zealand’ best wavesailors put on an awesome display.

As per usual the TWC is going to have the ultimate bbq, prize giving and party – this year it’s located at the Oakura Surf Club (across the road from the usual spot), and the 2010 event is supported by a great range of sponsors; headed up by major sponsors Carbon Art and Rodgers Dental. Get to and get those entries in for New Zealand’s biggest and best wavesailing celebration, and don’t forget: register before September 30 to make sure you get the most desirable T-shirt on the planet!

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